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  1. The Pink knight is going to ba a title update on Xbox not a DLC pack.
  2. psub xero

    So the pink knight is out... but only for psn?

    I really do not know how so many people think that porting something takes half a second and the behemoth is just holding it back from XBL players. And, not to beat a dead horse, but XBL players got the game and two DLC packs before we got to hear that it was coming to PSN. Also you guys got a tournament. I'm not complaining I really don't mind at all. Just please stop complaining to the behemoth as if they will say "Oh, well then I guess because one person complained about it I will get off of Facebook for the ten seconds it requires to code/make the art assets/and QA test it (and probably more I don't know much about the game making process)"
  3. psub xero

    Avatar requests.

    I'm back for a bit. here you go isco And here is my long long list which I will probably not get through before I stop posting for a while again. -saracen holding bow -BBT football player -cat knight -CC skeleton -sniper -Fire demon (with a gun [and a snow globle]) <-- I'm looking forward to that one -Scaler dude's avatar being insulting -Icekemo or afro ninja -tiger knight' -master chief or link -Orange knight -Beard Guy -Colbinile's (if they make a request) -Blue knight + mega man X -Peasant + punisher -Cyclops -mario -Green ice knight w/ J -Alien knight -blue knight -black dynamite -alien hominid -Green demon/dragon thingy -orange icekimo w/ chain saw Place your bets on how far I get before the inevitable "Sorry, but I'm just going to straight up stop making avatars forever" post?
  4. psub xero

    Danmit, how do I get the sprites?!

    I've seen some good drawings around here.
  5. It took me 'til I had a level 93 Blue knight. Even then it took a whole lot of luck and four health potions.
  6. This isn't an exclusion. The behemoth didn't even know that it was possible until after they submitted it. It started when someone on the devblog (I tried to find the post but I can't) asked if it was possible to have multiple PSN's logged on at once. Then Kelly said something about them not being able to find a way and them not knowing any games that have. That was followed by users posting a laundry list of games that have. Why you think the behemoth would want to purposely take away such a feature confuses me. This petetion will do nothing.
  7. psub xero

    Why no platinium?

    Only full games can have platinums. Sony doesn't allow downloadable games (that aren't also sold in stores) to have a platinum trophy. Most downloadable games have a few bronzes, one silver, and one gold.
  8. psub xero

    Troll mother help

    I have been attempting to get past the thieves' forest on insane for the past 3 days now. I breeze through the level until the troll mother. I have litterally advanced from level 38 to level 60 trying to beat her. I get her down to sliver of health and then she runs around and doesn't let menhit her at all. And of course my health bar gets destroyed if the horde of small trolls even looks at me funny. So can anyone give me tips on beating her? They would be much apreciated.
  9. psub xero

    How to get Alien hominid in PS3 CC?

    Yep that's true, just got him.
  10. Does anyone know how to get him? I will post how to as soon as I do but if anyone knows post it here. Thank you in advance.
  11. Just make sets of 3 funny names for difficulties to replace "Easy", "Normal", and "Hard". So far the best I have heard for any game is: Genocide Homicide Suicide I can't think of any right now or else I would start it off.
  12. psub xero

    Users Vs Mods 2.0

    All your bases are belong to us All your bases are belong to us Aww crud I said that 2 times
  13. psub xero

    Castle Crashers: Lost Traveler

    Wow I was actually going to make an animation like that (a time traveler in CC) I haven't had any time lately but I might eventually make it.
  14. psub xero

    Avatar requests.

    Far from it. I have not had more than a minute or two to go on any computer. Plus I don't think I can do the whole "fingering" thing in your avatar because I don't want to make vulgar avatars. And I noticed isco's request came way before anyone elses so I need to hault progress on the saracen-bow one I was working on (sorry). And my computer has been running pretty slowly I don't know if it can handle flash right now I'll try soon but I wont actually be able to work on them for about 4-5 days (if not more). So yeah, real sorry everyone.
  15. psub xero

    256 explotit on ps3?

    I think that is part of the hack. If it was a glitch then there would be a how to to do an original one.