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  1. She said this on the 27th. The guys are already back in town. "Next week" is this week. Besides, whats the big rush? Fortunately we won! The pressure off my mind alone is a prize pack filled with relief!
  2. @ admiralvic: Coinkydink said he couldn't keep up with a fencer. Exactly my point. @ Babbity Rabbity: I know, I agree. It's just fun trying to keep up in the numbers. @ Ihaznightvision: I think i've gotten a little bit better.
  3. 200 to 8 in a day! Good Gracious! You couldn't even track that in the snow!! But seriously, the only difference between You and I is magic. I can get 1100 to 1300 exp from the Catfish using nothing but magic, but to me that's too slow. So don't let my magic bother you much. I really like to roll the figures so Troll Mother is where it's at. No Magic All Melee. Heck, I feel like I can't compete against a Necromancer and a pair of Blue Knights on the board! Whew! It is a fun challenge though. *wipes sweat from forehead* That was an impressive move you made Coinkydink! I wouldn't let anyone on here say Iceskimo is not capable of competing or holding his own ground, as you could surely prove them wrong.
  4. I felt like I blinked and *BOOM* Iceskimo on the Leaderboards!!! Come and get me Coinkydink! Excellent work btw.
  5. Yes they most certainly do! I just did it 5 min. ago, thats pretty damn cool! Good stuff.
  6. Awnner was definately someone I thought about when associated with this game along with feedle, forgotten, Fel, otto, acidglow, sushi G, babbity rabbity, zugama, abyssimal C, mechazeep, these are just a few that come right off the top of my head (I don't even own an Xbox), im sure there are more im leaving out but is awnner really 54 yrs old?
  7. huh, no relation. sure fooled me. congrats on your #1 rank btw.
  8. ^^they joined on the same exact day, coincidence?..I think not.