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  1. Thanks for telling us! And thanks for posting it on my topic, it makes me feel all fuzzy and stuff on teh inside. also, can you say something awesome for my signature?
  2. Clearly each has its pros and cons, personally, i think Xbox is superior for multiple reasons.. 1. Xbox has earlier release dates for arcade cames (such as Castle crashers) and dlc 2. Xbox's exclusive games are good(specifically Halo and Gears of War) 3.You do have to pay for Xbox live, however, ive heard the Xbox Live community (including the arcade, indie games, server connections, etc.) are better then PS3. I do not own a PS3, but I do know they have a Blu-ray player, and free live. Post your reasons below!
  3. "I have a confession to make. Long story short, BattleBlock Theater is becoming so much more than we ever expected. It feels like no other game out there – there’s a little more r&d than we thought and lots of new ground to break. This means we will not be releasing in 2010, but the good news is now that we’ve got Castle Crashers out on PSN worldwide, you can expect LOTS more updates on where we are headed with BBT. A ton of work has gone into this game which feels like no other game! We’re currently forcing someone to start getting some videos/pictures prepped so we can pass the time quickly together." This was posted on the devblog in november.. Alas, very little has been released. I dont mean to put down Behemoth or its staff in ANY way, love ya guys to death, buut, a guys gotta wonder, and hope..
  4. See this guys? His poor son didnt get the ONLY thing he wanted for christmas! Their family was depending on this game to keep him occupied! But, his only wish was turned down.. This caused rebelion. Also, because he had nothing to now, he had to resort to drugs, alcohol, and violence. How does this make you feel? You could have stopped this! Just kidding,
  5. At our school we have a laser, yes, a LASER, that we engrave things with. Im the main person on the project, and ive done quite a few things, from wallets, to xbox controllers, to phones and iPods. Anyway, i wanted to do the Behemoth emblem, but the only picutre i could find on the internet was preety grainy, and the laser could read it that well, and it basically engraved a bunch of dots.. So i was wondering, does anyone have a nice picture of the logo? Preferably one color, and the amount of detail doesnt really matter, as long as theres no clouding affects, or 3D images, just 2D and one color, would be best! Thanks
  6. I suppose thats very true.. I wish you could have a good game earlier though. And i dont expect Dan to comment and say, IT WILL BE RELASE RIGHT.. NOW! However, that would be nice.
  7. Maybe its just me, but the suspense is tearing me apart! I understand putting games into these final stages (hopefully you guys are in the final stages, anyway) is a very time consuming process, buuuut, WE ARE BEGGING YOU! Well at least me. What will it take? Money? I've got money. Perhaps blackmail? I have quite a few embarassing photos of you guys at your christmas party.. Perhaps ill hold something ransom.. Hm.. Anyway, i know youve been working hard, but i know you will satisfy many fans by just bottle feeding us a little info here and there.. And i hate to say it, but you might lose fans w/ the wait..
  8. So, its CLOSER THEN SOON? Im joking, however it would be nice. But, maybe a estimated day for the video? Today? Tommorow?
  9. Hints? :D I understand you dont want to give us some rushed info thats inaccurate or something. Ill be waiting!
  10. Probably 50% of members have posted topics about giving us information on release dates, or other things. Maybe this is just me, but the forum has been dragging on lately.. I remember earlier last year where a bunch of us on the forum were all getting hyped up because of the BBT website, and that little crystal thing that appeared by the Behemoth chicken. So, im just saying.. Im not sayin release date, give us one piece of info, on anything! Pwease?
  11. I haven't logged on here for awhile, but I'm still very excites for bbt. So, this post is half way for my benefit, but I feel it will help everyone, because I'm sure some people know different things then others. So, what's happened with bbt? Any updates I would have missed? Or any future updates I should know about?
  12. K, well tha makes me feel better. If I'm in at all that's enough for me
  13. Can my house be like.. the diamond for BBT? But im to low level for that. i get a porta pottie.. ( please dont give me a porta potty) unless it goes down into my secret lair!