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  1. Deaf Smith

    Should I Be Worried?

    Not in yet. Congrats! Ill have to sit tight today and hope I get inbefore the day is over!!
  2. Deaf Smith

    Should I Be Worried?

    Same here.
  3. Deaf Smith

    It's Wednesday

    I'm in? We're ALL IN! This is going to be ridiculous fun.
  4. Deaf Smith

    Should I Be Worried?

    I got a email. And another today saying I am not registered to the forums. Posting to make sure.. Look forward to tje BETA!!!
  5. Deaf Smith

    GamerTag/Username Origins?

    My tag/username is a homage to Erastus 'Deaf' Smith, who was instrumental in Amercia and Sam Houston getting/winning Texas. I was originally going to go with 'TwoNumbThumbs' as my GT, but apparently it was taken at the time, so I brainstormed and came up with 'Deaf Smith'...
  6. Deaf Smith

    Official NEW MEMBERS thread!

    I'm Deaf Smith. Yes, I really am deaf. I enjoyed(but still haven't beaten, but plan to before CC comes out) the heck out of Alien Hominid. You could say I have a affinity for cel shaded games. My GT is XDG Deaf Smith, but don't send me a FR unless you have a message accompanying it. I often edit my FR because I am constantly meeting new people and creating or joining a silver network tag. See you all when CASTLE CRASHERS finally hits on August 27th!