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  1. Some different styled achievements would be cool. I ws dissapointed when I bought AH and looked at it's achievements.
  2. Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Grey (opened and non-opened) Knight. (Obviously) Skelaton Bear Barbarian Thief King Necromater Cultist Alien Hominoid
  3. I hope it will be long, challenging, and has DLC levels and weapons.
  4. thany sir :3 Your welcome. I tried making my own but paper went everywhere
  5. I just unlocked him. He's pretty cool.
  6. except when it's too hard Yeah it kind of makes me angry if I keep losing but I walk away for a while. I finally beat that (WARNING:IF YOU HAVE YET TO COME THIS FAR, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS) Giant FBI robot and made it to Russia. It took a while for me to do that.
  7. difficulty is adjustable! try it on easy! Funny thing is... I AM on easy. Couldn't agree more.