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  1. Hey milk man. Yeah, i've been out of it lately. Been on Moddb for a good amount of time while i was gone.
  2. Looks Awesome. Now my home project (Triforce necklace) makes me feel noobish.
  3. Haha, m33p! OP, stop postin ' 's. If you want to make a post, make it say something.
  4. This makes no sense, about the price of the game and how much gamerscore an arcade game can have. Anyone care to explain dorito's dash of destruction?
  5. they might be too big, there are size restrictions, i believe. Tried. D: i put them in picnick or w/e its called and resized an avatar to 50x50 pixels Still the same error about not able to find the demensions.
  6. finished 2 things 1)finished VVVVVV 2)Playing Columbine(Dan was in it, yeahh!) NO. NO YOU DIDN'T. i used to do that all the time! meanie!
  7. Any1 know why i can't post images in a post or my sig? it says it was impossible to find the demensions or sumthin. i used to be able to.
  8. Found new AMAZING software. Might help ya on your steampunk RPG, babbity. I've been messing with it for like an hour now. Heres a spider-looking thing i've bene making for about 2minutes now.
  9. It's going to be Indianapolis Colts Vs New Orleans Saints I'm going to watch it.Hopefully Colts will win. Colts! wheee! I live in indiana, Muncie to be exact.
  10. Yes! Just keep coming to the thread and it may be updated~ Check out their youtube: You interested? Mebbe, depends on what I see in the coming months K. they get a new alpha every week(Alpha 65 should be coming today!) Each have really big updates Keep up to date: