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  1. After playing this for 6 hours so far, (just picked it up yesterday, worked ect..) I can honestly say: Its SO GOOD. It was a long, hard wait, but man, this game is the best I've played in years, i haven't smiled this much since portal 2. Congratulations on what I hope was a successful launch. Your games continue to have a wonderful impact on my life, cant wait to see what you have planned for your next release in 2048!
  2. You'll be dissapointed to hear that rank was given to mechazeep as well, despite him not be game or female.
  3. I'm likely getting like, a sweater or some cargo shorts or something, we don't usually give games as gifts here so I buy them with job cash :/ I got my brother some t-shirts, my mom this like, statue thing, my dad a coat, and my sisters some itunes monies.
  4. Banned for giving me a headache
  5. I was thinking about getting the Darksiders franchise, but I don't know, that's money that could go toward my actual computer. To be honest, I didn't like Darksiders that much. It was kind of like a bad version of DmC. Did you play it with a gamepad? It's kind of garbage with mousey+keyboard, but I thought it was really fun once I found my Xbox 360 controller.
  6. To Kill a Mockingbird(1962) 8/10 We read the book in class followed by the film adaption, overally really well made and high quality, definitely ahead of its time. Where i really thought the movie excelled was its' musical score, I be bumpin' that poop on my ipppoood niggggiiieee. Seriously, if you haven't read/seen TKAM, you ought to.
  7. akmk5252

    The Fail Game

    Fails because people from islands tend to be crazies. Port-a Potty
  8. Always Whine (sometimes spelt Ahlweys Whyne) is the animal worlds bi-daily ritual in which they bellow annoying noises to please Whyne, the animal lord. What is the square root of bookshelf?
  9. Sure, joke about it, but that's not the exact point I'm trying to make. You have companies that earn your money, and you have companies that swindle you out of money, for whatever reason. It could be poor quality content at a big expense, or little quantity content, that costs less individually, but that change still adds up. Now, if you don't mind going deeper into this, by all means feel free to do so. nobody needs video games "People need something or someone to fasten themselves to in order to reassure themselves they are real" -Ani Difranco That quote is pretty irrelevant but my English teacher said it today and I felt this was a good opportunity to share _____________ --go ahead, feel enlightened.
  10. akmk5252

    The Fail Game

    Fails because a cane made out of candy is not nearly enough to support the weight of a fully grown female human. Headphones
  11. My friend showed me this friggin awesome youtube series called Bravest Warriors, It's a sci-fi / comedy cartoon following Chris, Wallow, Danny and Beth; sons and daughter of legendary (and at this time, unnamed) space heroes. And get this, it was created by Pendleton Ward; creator of Adventure Time! I'll post episode one here: and you can check out all of the lastest B.W. news on the Bravest Warriors Developement Blog: http://bravestwarrio...onhangover.com/ Or Cartoon Hangover: http://www.youtube.c...r?feature=watch Remember to keep your moop controlled and catch new episodes of Bravest Warriors every thursday on Cartoon hangover!
  12. With only three days left until the 'end of the world',(even in the event that the Mayans were wrong ) what do you guys want to do before you die? Ill start: I've lived in [City Name Withheld] for my entire life, and never once have I left [state Name Withheld], I'd really like to get the chance to visit somewhere else in the country, I don't know how I would be able to do it now considering I have very little money and essentially 33 hours to do so. If the world does not end on Friday I want to save up enough money to travel to California, a reasonable distance to travel from [Withheld].
  13. NEW! Super Mario Bros. Wii!,most people consider it to be one of the worst mario games, but I had an absolute riot playing it.
  14. Build That Wall from Bastion. -Kid gets up, sets off to the youtube.