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  1. You get garlic pork roast. I put in Nippon (Japan).
  2. Banned for masking your avatar. Shame on YOU. I should ban myself for posting this by kindle... you can do that. It's wierd. Love me damnit.
  3. You get 50,000 counfused people. I put five memes.
  4. You get happiness in a box. I insert a piece of candy.
  5. I hit on on my computer, and we become best friends!.... Then he betrays me.( ) I drop Death's scythe.
  6. Banned for.... you know what, I can't argue with that, so I ban myself for that.
  7. Banned because you don't realize that he's using a line from the YuGiOh Abridged Series. (And you say you're from Texas. )
  8. Banned for being older than Da Milk Man (okay, and me) by a single year. Jeez, what the heck man?!
  9. Banned for not realizing that all sith have different names .
  10. GOD IS. GOD IS ALWAYS BEHIND THE DOOR ...... ....... ..... Okay not really. What behind this door of a second number?
  11. You're banned for forgetting the most important part of "you're", the "e". So don't do it again. (I can see you through all monitors )
  12. THAT door you speak of is the one you opened. THIS door is the door I was talking about. The with.... Henry Hatsworth! (Good Show!) What is behind this #2 door I found behind me?
  13. All are banned for making no sense what so ever.
  14. Louis being killed by that witch that was in the room........ We should turn off our flashlights. What is behind door number THRE- oh, wait, it's door #2, nevermind. (HINT: Teatime mecha)
  15. And so...... It has begun...... The players are all here...... This forum game will now begin next week on Monday. Why? Because I have only been able to use the computers at my school AND I must figure out how to begin this. How 'bout we start with monologues that happen with your character and go from there. Remember: There was a ship sinking because an engineer dropped his cigarette in the engine.