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  1. Catherine has an amazing soundtrack. I'd seriously recommend checking the game out if you haven't yet. Definitely one of the best games of the last generation of consoles.
  2. -TurkeyScrub -EST -Next Sunday, and then every Saturday and Sunday after that -Discord is Scrubboo#8066 -Work and then go back to school You guys happen to have a Discord channel? My computer doesn't like Skype for some reason, so I stopped using it. I kinda miss the little Skype community
  3. For actual music: If you don't find yourself feeling more than chill after hearing this song, something must be wrong with your ears. For VGM: If you don't find yourself tapping your foot during this song at all, something must be wrong with your human reflexes.
  4. I heard it did pretty well for itself. I'm not into the Genre personally, but from what I've seen, it accomplishes what it sets out to do.
  5. cringe warning You know, there was a time where this game could have been good. There was a time where Atlus and Fire Emblem making a crossover was a good idea. There was a time when this game wasn't going to be an absolute disgrace.
  6. Scaler193 won the best member of the year award? That's a weird way to spell my name.
  7. Apparently Destiny is good now, or something like that
  8. Now it makes sense why they seem to insist that you call him "Venom Snake" lol
  9. Obviously she's stupid and you should look for someone better
  10. Look at me, not even having the game for a week and already posting it's OST
  11. I almost killed my 360 controller halfway through Dark World in Super Meat Boy. I got more depressed than angry in Persona 3 when I went 2-3 hours without saving and got double crit by an enemy causing me to lose all of my progress. I always get really really salty when I get hit by those really easy combos in UMVC3. And I've also played through a majority of Ross's levels in SMM. That pretty much speaks for itself.
  12. I feel like this game just sorta came and went I mean, it was absolutely amazing, game of the year and all that, but aside from the amazing plot twist, there really isn't much to talk about in regards to the game as a whole.
  13. I went out like such a buster dont worry guys i'll win the next one
  14. Scaler sure does spend a lot of time on forums and Skype talking about his love life rather than actually hanging out with his lover it seems.
  15. Can two more people please sign up so this tournament isn't over super fast?
  16. This is something everyone needs to see in their lives. Has spoilers from the cutscene that plays when you max out Quiet's buddy meter in MGSV though
  17. Teamie: Scaler Team Name: Snuggly Wifflers System: Wii U Stageroo: Smashville Movie: The Shining from Steven King. The movie still gives me chills.
  18. Super Meat Boy, since it just got re-released on the PS4. Time to redo the entirety of Dark World until I can't stand the game anymore.