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  1. Hey what's this button do? *throws grenade under warthog*
  2. 1 At game stop as long as you have a power up card it doesn't matter where you pick it up. 2 Order online. 3 What game would be so popular at your local gamestop? LBP2. I did NOT order online. I have no friggin clue if I have a Power Up card somewhere. (most likely do.)
  3. I'm extremely mad. I pre-ordered a CE for a game since last Septemeber only to go back add some more money to the pre-order only to find out they say I have the normal edition pre-ordered. I just called them and explained the situation and the guy says I have to come down to the store and fix it but the guy is interuppted by the guy working next to him saying that I can't get the CE because they ran out. They seriously RAN OUT in all the gamestops. Any idea on what to do? I have all the money for the CE edition on my pre-order and I can't seem to get a refund.
  4. I'm into Tron (at the time ) and Pyro is my favorite TF2 character so... EDIT:
  5. A third grader? Meh. I saw a 2 year old using a iphone. But did the 2 year old own the iPhone? I don't know. But she was using it when the parents had two seprate phones.
  6. A third grader? Meh. I saw a 2 year old using a iphone.
  7. Closest I could find. Wut.
  8. Frank picks up the card and the tanks o' gas. /shootattheblubrypukingzombeh
  9. Since when was the N.C.R. involved in this game?! Oh well. /lookforgas
  10. Hi there and welcome to the fourms! There's already a LBP thread unfortunaly, so here it is:
  11. /lookaround Are we still in the freezer area place?
  12. I pick up the knife annnnd... Frank: RUUUUUUUUUN ITS A TRAP! I don't remeber Ackbar being in L4DRPG is that a new update?
  13. I pick up the knife annnnd... Frank: RUUUUUUUUUN