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  1. 6-2, at the first checkpoint all the way to the right after you propeller up, there are molten rocks (trampoline blocks) but at the far right side there's no spike or molten rock, fall through there.
  2. 5-8 After you go in the teleporter below the yarn ball, there's disappearing/reappearing walls near launch pads where if you go on one while the wall is there you'll be flung into spikes above. Go onto the last launch pag and you'll be launched through a block in the rood, go a little left and there's the secret portal.
  3. I'm somewhat dense, what do you mean by ribbon? xD I've only ever gotten letter grades and A++'s xD
  4. fur4 is in the..I forget what it's called, but after you go into local game, there are the three options. Story, Arena, and the other one. Fur4 is in the other one, click featured when you do it, it's a custom playlist made by behemoth, so it's somewhat official, haha. You get the Star Chicken head for doing it xD
  5. Damn....Danp, he knows... DANP, HE KNOWS!!! ​(I really don't know, I did try to think bout it but I can't come up with anythin).
  6. There's a secret in Fur4 if one in those levels counts. At the top left corner of the map, where you're at the top after jumping between the pink slimy blocks, there are blue blocks on the wall. The top 2 have spikes, the 2 below them, you jump in them. EDIT: Zombie, I think we also found a secret level in Co-Op didn't we?
  7. I'll trade with ya zombie if ya need some things, but I'm nto that far in either, I try to get A++ on every level before going on
  8. Not a bad idea. Gets new weapons for beginners and gets you more prisoners seems like a fair deal to me. Is your display picture Valvatorez?
  9. 1-7? You mean the seventh level of chapter one? The first finale? EDIT, no, not the first finale, forgot there are more level sets xD Thank you, I wasn't aware of these
  10. Ahh, I assumed there was only enough Yarn to get all the props, so are you saying that there's a lot more yarn than you could spend on jsut props? Ahh, so yeah, it is limited Hmm...maybe the MVP of a multiplayer match can get 1 yarn instead of gems, or maybe a small amount of gems and one yarn, or amybe like give x number of gems for 1 yarn, I don't know. I jsut figure it shouldn't be finate
  11. I know you can get more gems by playing in multiplayer, but how does one get more yarn? Because you can trade yarn, I figured maybe you could trade yarn then not have enough left that's possible to collect to unlock all of the props? I could be wrong but I'm not sure xD
  12. No, it's not that, every RT action works except pulling someone up :s The person I was with played the beta and said it worked fine for him before
  13. I'm palying online with somebody, and we've tried for ages and I can't pull him up a sledge with RT, he can't pull me up either, everything else works fine but that. he played the beta and says he could do it fine in that.
  14. Downloading it now, love you, Dan <3 xD
  15. Please stop rubbing salt in my wound D: