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  1. Well, I don't know about Black Ops. But I do know that WaW had way more replay value. Co-op Campaign both online and locally actually made it fun. Until of course you go onto the buggy as hell online versus that every Call Of Duty game has.
  2. When talking about Call Of Duty, I like to use this metaphor: "No matter how much you polish a turd, it's still a turd" Having played all of the games from Modern Warfare onwards (Apart from Black Ops, I'd given up after the Modern Warfare 2, but pretty much everyone I know has said that Black Ops was a HUGE dissapointment), I can safely say that this franchise is the most polished turd there is.
  3. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFail. Whilst I like the idea of multiple control options, the Gamecube is by far the best. Taking that out of the new Smash Bros. would suck. Also, I don't see them taking away that backwards compatibility, Nintendo has always provided backwards compatibility in one shape or another. I think that the Wii U will support Wii and GCN games, it just makes sense. Character possibilities (Not predictions, chances are that most of the predictions on here won't come true): Bowser Jr. / Shadow Mario. Bowser Jr. could transform into Shadow Mario the same way Zelda does into Shiek. A different Pokemon Trainer that uses different starters that control VERY differently to the current Trainer's. Zoroark. At the start of battle, it takes on the form of one of the other fighters (Selected at random), when it takes enough damage (Say 50% maybe), it'll show it's true form. Geno. Since Square Enix have been including their characters into Mario games recently, Geno could be a possibility. Knuckles. If Sonic does return, Knuckles should be the one to join him. Metal Sonic. Same with Knuckles.
  4. I'll have a Male. And i guess the nature doesn't really matter to me. I'm not exactly looking for the ultimate Pokemon team with perfect EVERYTHING. XD
  5. Would you by any chance be interested in trading one of those Zouras? Sure But I wouldn't be able to do so for a while, I'm SRing Cobalion and I don't want to leave the cave until I'm done D: Fair enough. Lemme' know when yer' done so we can sort out the trade.
  6. Would you by any chance be interested in trading one of those Zouras?
  7. Every Audino gives insane EXP. The Lucky Egg boosts that EXP. It's great for levelling up any Pokemon until they're about 75.
  8. Caught me a Shiny Audino. Also. Is it just me who's disappointed with the fact that you can't get a Zorua without a Celebi or an event, when they pretty much put it in every advert for Black and White.
  9. Sequel to Pacific Rift, Apocalypse is set in an abandoned city after a huge earthquake. A festival is set, but nature isn't done with it yet! Played the demo today. Mind - Blown. Comes out March 16th in the EU, and April 12th in the US. In your face, America. EDIT: Due to recent events in Japan, the release dates for the UK, New Zealand and Japan have been delayed.
  10. Nope. According to the UK blog, The Behemoth haven't even submitted it. Which is strange when they were going for simultaneous release.
  11. "And still no submission from The Behemoth for SCEE" Ain't that a kick in the teeth.
  12. Not out this week either, according to the blog. Meh.
  13. Got the game running, downloaded instead of playing on the browser. Now i can't log in due to a server error.
  14. No Pinky' for us this week either it seems. Shame.
  15. Whenever i try to play, the game loads up, and then when it hits 100% i get a form of bluescreen. It then restarts my laptop up.