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  1. Thelindd

    Ask me about being a .....

    Ask me aboot being a canadian >: D
  2. Thelindd

    Level 256 glitch ?

    Im pretty sure 256 is against the rules and asking for help from a glitcher should be too.
  3. Thelindd

    Castle Crashers XBLA Tournament of Champions!

    Nevermind, i misread.. It's xbox only.......
  4. Thelindd

    Castle Crashers XBLA Tournament of Champions!

    Is this contest only on Xbox? In that case If on ps3 also then
  5. Thelindd

    Arena trophy.

    Yeah that is possible, i thougt you meant locally
  6. Thelindd

    Arena trophy.

    No you can not.
  7. Thelindd

    Arena trophy.

    Yes i can help you with the trophy aswell if you want to. If high leveled, atleast lvl 70 i need an ally to crush insane mode. My char: 91 Red knight.
  8. Thelindd

    Arena trophy.

    Yes. I need someone to play with so i can get it, not fair and square, just need someone to keep dieing Add me: Thelindd3
  9. Thelindd

    Gmod anyone?

    Maybe sometime
  10. Thelindd

    I'm totally making a new comic

    I have an idea.
  11. Thelindd

    My Game ! by Mercury

    Yeah! Nice work dude!
  12. Thelindd

    action and adventure game!!!

    I'll be That's right.
  13. Thelindd

    Please lock this thread its a dupe sorta

    DA NUH NUH NUH You got the triforce
  14. Thelindd

    PS3. Need another player(s) for Insane Levels.

    I am willing to join you, red knight lvl 70 But if you REALLY suck i mean if we keep playing it on and on and on without success, i will leave. PSN:Thelindd3 I don't like playing with kids that doesn't even know how to juggle or use combos Add me.