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  1. i think admans done working on these my name has been on the list for about a month, give or take
  2. Black Shirt, Tight Blue Jeans black medium length hair, black and white shoes are you gonna finish those avatars?
  3. There are about 6092 topics exactly like this
  4. Tell the horrible things you would do if somehow Castle Crashers were canceled!!
  5. guys cmon this the esact opposite of what i wanted dont start arguing here go to the color wars post
  6. My gt is Fallen113 like jtinnyboi said tell me your from the forums with your request if u request me CANT W8 TILL CC!
  7. CC is a kinda underground not too many people know about it all the good games are undergroundand remember halo 1 didnt have very many people saying OMG LOOKS ITS HALO 1 IVE NEVER PLAYED ANYTHING SIMILAR TO THIS BUT I FEEL THE URGE TO BUY IT LETS START A RIOT. this is castle crashers Uno mabey number 2 (if they make it ) will be highly anticipated too a wide variety of people CC PWNS HALO 3 MAJORLY
  8. Howd u lose them?? and no sorry i dont know of any other ways
  9. If youve ever seen the Hills Have eyes 2, do it poop man the Barbarian style . if you haven't seen it try lookin it up
  10. i forgot to add at the part where you tear off his arms and legs add salt and lemonjuice to his wounds to add excruciating pain
  11. I think he would be dead after the legs then figure out a way for him to never die unless his blood has been completely drained then itd be pwnage