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  1. Didn't notice this tread before but here is the info for my participation. Even if you guys can't give please come cheer me on on the Stream You can donate and follow my progress here : ... ntID=21834 And you can watch my stream here on saturday : Thank you for your support
  2. Hi guys, As most of you probably already know Extra-Life is organising a Fundraiser for sick children. I am part of Team Behemoth and would appreciate your support in raising money for sick kids. I will be trying to play for 24 hours straight in order to raise money for my charity. You can donate and follow my progress here : ... ntID=21834 And you can watch my stream here on saturday : A big thank you from me and Team Behemoth for your support. p.s : As I am part of team B. expect me to try and finish CC in one sitting
  3. There are no arrows indicating a level I have not completed. Yet I didn't get a skull or unlock a I going to have to replay all the levels or is there an easier way to go at it. Thanks.
  4. I was playing as The Blue Knight so I should have unlocked someone or atleast gotten a grey skull. I'll keep looking for the arrows but I wish there was an easier way of knowing which levels you completed.
  5. I finished CC with a character but I didn't unlock anyone (or get a skull) so I figure i might have missed some stages. How do I differentiate completed stages from non-completed ones (i can access them all)
  6. Pretty cool costumes what did you use to make the helmets!
  7. Tuigi

    Music glitch!

    Thanks for pointing that out. I will have to make my searches more specific in the future. Can an admin close this please I think the answer I was looking for has been given. Thank you
  8. Tuigi

    Music glitch!

    Thanks I thought I was the only one with that problem. Although I think I might have heard it once after the Barbarian Boss. Funny that this had never been mentioned in the forum before.
  9. Hi, I don't know if I'm the only one to whom this happened but whenever the giant chest appears at the end of the level my music stops playing. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks
  10. I don't see where the copyright infringment is. This borrows nothing from the Castle Crashers IP hell it's not even a side scroller. It only has the name Castle in the title which is a pretty common word and fits the game like a charm as they are actually conquering castles (look at youtube videos). If you want to see a real ripoff look at this :
  11. Do these still work in the PSN version??
  12. I wouldn't try to look to deep into the story/facts of this game if I were you. It was obviously made to be more funny then anything else. I don't think those little details really matter. Just Enjoy the game!
  13. 1- I don't think more girls in the game would make girls play the game more. I can't recall people not playing a game because they had a character of a gender that was not theirs. In a game like Metroid the main character is female and you don't see more female players playing that game because of that fact. There are actually more guys playing metroid then girls. So I think the ''more girls would play it'' argument doesn't really stand. 2- If we start thinking the way you are thinking things will never end. Why are there no african american characters? more black people would play it. Why are there no Gay characters? more homosexuals would play it. Do you see where I'm going with this?
  14. I don't want to sound negative but I think most people are a little overreacting. The game will come out when it comes out there are so many other titles out right now for the PS3 that I'm certain you can find something good to play. The PS3 was not made for just one game (in this case castle crashers). Just play other quality games while you wait and one day you'll just see CC in the store when you least expect it.