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  1. yes it does but i have a wireless mouse and keyboard.
  2. I win again! If you send me a watch and some chocolate ill send you some bacon and maple syrup!
  3. If I get it ill be using my new laptop. I think it can take it but what do you think? Here are the specs: i3 Processor 2.13 GHz 4GB RAM 64-bit If this works ill think ill buy it
  4. OK. So far im thinking about: Uncharted 2 Orange box for PC (I have it for ps3 but its not as good as PC. Also this would be, my leap from Console to Computer.) Metal Gear Solid (the newest one) At the moment im leaning on the orange box because im obsessed with TF2 and want to play it with all the updates.
  5. Haha I have all thoses game you said except Sam and Max and ill look into that. As for Uncharted 2 i was thinking about that but like i said im straying away shooters... a stealth might be nice...
  6. Alright. I need to buy a game for my ps3 while im waiting for Portal 2. Im not looking for an FPS. Any sugestions?
  7. I was hoping he wouldnt notice and he did'nt but some of my friends did and thought it was great.
  8. Haha. Thats way too weird you bought this up. I used alot of references from CC for a project I had on the crusades. I slipped in lots of fake bits like how there were thives in forests that became masters of achery, and a whole paragrah on three sacred relics. I got a 86%
  9. There should be some kind of auto-lock for this topic... then again that would mean the mods would get to have real lives instead of spending there free time locking dupes and god forbid that
  10. Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets for ps2. I hated this game with a vengence and ended up selling it to blockbuster for 2$ just cause I wanted it gone, and bought 8 gumballs with the money.
  11. Graphics are nice. Not critical or a must have. Just nice. There like sprinkles on a banana split. They won't make it taste better but they sure are pretty. Also if anyone thinks that bad graphics = bad game. Super Smash bros. (N64) Wolfenstein 3D Nuff said
  12. Yeah I know but a glitch is a glitch.
  13. I don't even know what to think right now...