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  1. Add me on 360 if you want help. Make sure you're a high level. I got a few guys that might hop on to join too if need be. GT: AcidGlowx booyah!
  2. Pretty late on this achievement. I did this back in 2011.
  3. You don't have to rely on juggling to beat insane mode. I recorded a 4 player playthrough on my old channel in 2009 and we all just played it smart and used good teamwork. Average players can beat Insane Mode if they can't use the juggling methods. Otto needs a pic or video of his hard work then so he can join me in the 28 Gold Skull group to be the second player to do it.
  4. You'll certainly never see that many playing online.. and how many of those are just fake accounts for level 256 hacks.. who knows...
  5. You guys still trying to beat Insane Mode 2 years later? So I take it I'm still the only one to earn 28 legit Gold Skulls?