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  1. The Gems Of Time? Gem rush? Gemapoluza? Crystalitie? Buddy Bash? I could keep going, but I won't.
  2. could you make me one of a bear from the bear tribe typing on a computor?
  3. Dr.Awesome

    Bear figure

    I have made a sculpture of a bear from the bear tribe out of polymer clay! (they say it's the most reliable kind of clay there is!) I have no photos yet, but I will sometime next week... probably. oh, yeah... AND A YOUTUBE VIDEO!!! A nice little montage of pictures I'm going to take around my homestate of West Virginia. I'll only post a few here to whet your appetites for the video. BE PATIENT, MY LITTLE SMURFS!
  4. in case you haven't noticed there is a significant amount of blood and gore in alien hominid. just thought that would be a good rating.
  5. okay, I have plans for two episodes and A 3-part speacial if it gets popular. expect to see the yeti in at least one episode. And I will confirm that I will use the bear ears and squat the hominid down to make a "picachu" character. also, expect lots of parody type stuff regarding pokemon, the jonas brothers, and miley cirus.
  6. trust me, it'll be funny, but the quality will be kinda crappy. sorry
  7. Dis my looooooooong signiture!
  8. It came out wrong. and by wrong I mean a blank screen with audio. dunno what happened.
  9. it's the gun in the james bond logo. ohh. you should work on it so it looks more like a gun it kinda just looks like a gray blob next to the 0 Ricky it's sort of the best I can do. SORRY.
  10. yeah, all the other AH figures are outa stock. they should make some new ones.
  11. Wow! I'm getting some good feedback here! it's also good to know that this fits so many people's fancys!
  12. it's the gun in the james bond logo.
  13. Characters: Skullkid-the main character from the game Dad n' me Dan paldin- super god powers, carries giant pencil village idiot- dressed like a gesture, carries unusually sharp rubber chicken cyber knight- looks like a robotic version of the other four knights, carries a stick with an xbox memory card at the end Fat Kid-a fat kid from AH F.B.I agent- an F.B.I agent from AH boris- head of the soviet union from AH Area 51 guard- area 51 guard from AH PDA man- stick man from PDA games from AH Animal orbs: Pudding monster-pudding boss from AH made small, and animal orb-ish. Duck- hypnotises enimies with it's quack, making thier heads explode shortly afterward. peacetank- peacetank from the newgrounds animation of the same name, made tiny, and animal orb-ish. that's all I could think of.
  14. I just got it recently, and can't stop playing it! my dad and I are thinking of doing a sort of machinima, and putting it on youtube.