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  1. $15.01, at most. $14.99, at least. SUNAVA BEYTOCHTACO
  2. How much is Castle crashers ps3 gunna cost i know i got like 11$ left over from nazi zombies and scott pilgrim
  3. dude it looks more purple then blue
  4. Hopefully it comes out before my birthday cuz thats what i plan on playing with my friends, I'm having a Castle Crashers Themed b-day party with a blue knight cake, I'm going to take a pic and upload it one day
  5. My PSN is SenorMonkeyMan but is CC ps3 Headset compatible
  6. THIS IS FOR PS3 PLAYERS *apology for caps*
  7. anyone interested? if so leave your PSN and times your usually on
  8. Use Lube with monkey Use Babbity with Rabbity