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  1. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/03/07/drumroll-please-the-winners-of-the-2011-playstation-network-gamers-choice-awards-are/ Congrats Behemoth Also this means 30% off for people who wants to buy castle crashers on the psn and 50% off as well on ps plus
  2. Ratchet

    PSN Gamers Choice Awards

    cant wait to get that theme!
  3. Ratchet

    Pink Knight is up! Downloading now!

    Love its throwing magic, it so adorable and deadly!
  4. Ratchet

    Pink Knight!

    awesome!. going to buy it day 1
  5. Ratchet

    cc for psn or xbla?

    recommend you get it for the system you used the most
  6. Ratchet

    Favorite castle crashers knight

    Green Knight!, love his poison magic
  7. Sure of course, but theres alot of people already playing i think
  8. Ratchet

    Merry Christmas!

    Happy Holidays to you too
  9. Ratchet

    Castle Crashers XBLA 1/2 off!

    Cool a sale
  10. Ratchet

    People Who Use Potions In Duels

    what was like the level differences, he could be like lv 5 and you might be like 99 and he needed to use his potion, or he might just want to get the trophy/achievement. if it is the about the same level and you both are about equal hp, then it is pretty cheap to do that
  11. Ratchet

    I'm totally making a new comic

    maybe something like ET and a castle crasher knight find alien hominid, then the BBT guys want to take the alien for theaters, so they rode the giant cat beside bike
  12. Ratchet

    Castle Crasher Meets BBT

    lmao thats awesome
  13. woah thats really good, the title got me off guard a bit
  14. Ratchet

    Getting into the Halloween Spirit!

    really cool, i kind of wish his head was orange though or have a cool hood
  15. Ratchet

    Rank #1 PS3!!!