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  1. Nah, that's the weapons smith or whatshisname.
  2. Oh. Yes. Even though I am dieing to compete, I don't think I can make it to the top 100 in 2 weeks. On PS3, maybe, but not on the xbox. Although, I still want to be very up to date with this. Kelly, you must stream this. Every. Single. Game. YOU WILL STREAM.
  3. I've always called the red tomatos. Also, what would be in the potion?
  4. SushiGummi: Able to stop a fight in two flipping seconds.
  5. I like the pins I got. Chicken, Green Knight in his awesome pose, and BBT guy with spikey hair (can't remember the exact hairstyle)
  6. acksually, you can just start with low attack and go for the normal troll mother. it worked for me when I didn't have insane mode yet.
  7. I see a lock coming. Anyway, see below on my signature for my PSN skulls. I had a lot on my Xbox 360 too, but that thing is a brokeded, so..
  8. I just got mine this afternoon! That was speedy EDIT: Camera is broken at the time ..but I will tell you what I got! I got the squishy chicken, the monkeyface phone charm, a mildly disturbing Orange Princess, an awesome letter from kelly, the "HOPE YOU LIKE IT" in sticker form, a Green Knight pin, a Chicken pin, a BattleBlock theater pin, the awesome behemoth lanyard, and the shiny keychain of the chicken. Soo happy
  9. A troll is someone purposely trying to make someone or a group of people mad just to get some laughs from that said troll.THE MORE YOU KNOW~
  10. Grats, bro. Not like this isn't great or anything, Sushi will probably lock this topic. I'm trying to get 99 Golden Skulled Beekeeper at the moment. Wish me luck.
  11. Hold your horses there, buddy. The orange princess never actually was kissed, remember? The knight was just getting ready to kiss her, but then the thing that was covering her face burst off and that's when the trippy scene started.