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  1. Hello there! I am in the making of a Solo Adventure Playlist: Always Alone. When Im finished then be sure to play and rate it! GT: XxBossDestroyerXx(I got a different GT) PlaylistName: AlwaysAlone Mode: Solo Adventure It will be finished soon!
  2. I have been noticing that the combo Color the World + Ball Game is the most common in many playlists I played, and you put the words in sentences most people would (hopefully) understand
  3. Banned for asking about people's drivability status!
  4. I have a really hard challenge playlist that onl has like, what 5 cat enemys in them? Sadly its only 3 levels long but many people rage quit because on the 1st one, theres a bunch of lasers pointed left and you need to jump on a magma block to fly up and you need really good timing to beat it. GT: xBossDestroyerx Playlistname: Timed Travel
  5. This freaked me out completely until I realized that my levels leaved my hard drive
  6. I just realized this is a drawing, but this is what came up.
  7. I'd LOVE to see Roy and Young Link come back into the next SB game. They were my fav 2 characters in SSBM.
  8. Bagel, but only if the explosives were soft. Would you rather have 18 pet puppies or 3 pet crocodiles?
  9. Banned for spelling quoting incorrectly!
  10. Banned for liking sonic the hedgehog! And banned for not using a emoticon!
  11. I never knew there were so many star(special)heads! I thought there was only 16... The star category is a mystery. Nobody knows where those come from. I was in the beta and had 3 star shapes: the star, the ______ ________ ______, and the _____ _______. I never used them much though.
  12. Oh ok. I'll go back and redo some levels.
  13. A) The party runs toward the food court and finds the boy running. Suddenly, a dozen zombies surround the kid, who started sceaming. A: Kill the remaining zombies surrounding the kid in attempt to save him. B: Abandon the kid and leave towards: 1) The sports shop 2) The closed up shop (still has mumbling noises) 3) The children's play area (again)