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  1. Hello there! I am in the making of a Solo Adventure Playlist: Always Alone. When Im finished then be sure to play and rate it! GT: XxBossDestroyerXx(I got a different GT) PlaylistName: AlwaysAlone Mode: Solo Adventure It will be finished soon!
  2. I have been noticing that the combo Color the World + Ball Game is the most common in many playlists I played, and you put the words in sentences most people would (hopefully) understand
  3. Banned for asking about people's drivability status!
  4. I have a really hard challenge playlist that onl has like, what 5 cat enemys in them? Sadly its only 3 levels long but many people rage quit because on the 1st one, theres a bunch of lasers pointed left and you need to jump on a magma block to fly up and you need really good timing to beat it. GT: xBossDestroyerx Playlistname: Timed Travel
  5. This freaked me out completely until I realized that my levels leaved my hard drive
  6. I just realized this is a drawing, but this is what came up.
  7. I'd LOVE to see Roy and Young Link come back into the next SB game. They were my fav 2 characters in SSBM.
  8. Bagel, but only if the explosives were soft. Would you rather have 18 pet puppies or 3 pet crocodiles?
  9. Banned for spelling quoting incorrectly!
  10. Banned for liking sonic the hedgehog! And banned for not using a emoticon!
  11. I never knew there were so many star(special)heads! I thought there was only 16... The star category is a mystery. Nobody knows where those come from. I was in the beta and had 3 star shapes: the star, the ______ ________ ______, and the _____ _______. I never used them much though.
  12. Oh ok. I'll go back and redo some levels.
  13. A) The party runs toward the food court and finds the boy running. Suddenly, a dozen zombies surround the kid, who started sceaming. A: Kill the remaining zombies surrounding the kid in attempt to save him. B: Abandon the kid and leave towards: 1) The sports shop 2) The closed up shop (still has mumbling noises) 3) The children's play area (again)
  14. Banned for looking stupid,changed stupid to weird, and for living in the milky way galaxy
  15. Banned for banning someone thats allegic and playing BBt Ball Game when it's not out yet
  16. hamster heads. Would you rather get killed by the King or become revived by Necromancer?
  17. A: Because Sonic aint supposed to. Q: I have 4 wolves, Harry, Larry, Sam, and Clam. I need to take them on a walk. I can only take 1 at a time. If I take Sam, Larry will attack Clam. If I take Clam, Harry will attack Sam. If I take Harry, there will be a free-for-all. What happens if I take Larry?
  18. I don't think that such patch should or would come, but I had this problom many, many times
  19. I made a offline account on my Xbox360 and I beat the game with my lv. 97 on a different account and theres no white skull showing up on my offline accounts character that beat the game. Is there supposed to be a certain level to beat the game or something? I even signed into the account and none of the levels were locked and none of the levels had a arrow pointing toward a level. How can I beat the game with my lv. 1?
  20. I got CC before I ever heard of AH HD. I got AH HD when I searched, "How to unlock alien in Castle Crashers." The acheivements I have on AH HD are Alien in Training, Juvenile Alien, Killing Spree, Hungry Yeti, City Destroyer, Survivalist, and Adult Alien, which makes 90/200GS. The game actually is pretty easy on easy.
  21. I haven't either, I only have starter pack and wont get more packs until bbt comes out, which in that case I wont need any more packs
  22. Hello, I was wondering if someone can give me tips to get the Head Chomper acheivement on Alien Hominid HD, because I find this acheivement very hard to obtain. Any tips?