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  1. Loved Journey, but I've only had time to play through it once so far it was so good.... I want to play it* more... Anyone, I hope Dan finds this topic and gives us the answer!
  2. So there is this game called Journey that released on PSN earlier this week. Its a very "artsy" game. The reason I posted this was because I noticed that a "special thanks" is given to Dan Paladin in the ending credits. The creators of the Journey are also from southern California, which supported my theory. Being such an art-based game, I thought of the possibility that this was THE Dan Paladin and not an imposter that must be eliminated for impersonating THE Dan Paladin. Though the art-style doesn't seem like anything Dan do (to my knowledge), perhaps he did something with the concept art? I'm not sure and wasn't sure if anyone else had any idea. Appears in the credits in this video at 3:30 CAUTION! VIDEO MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS
  3. Words to live by: Only a dumb-(word that also means donkey) would swear. Also, Is my profile pic ok? (along the lines of profanity) I would greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me and I am fine with changing it if necessary.
  4. Street Fighter? I'm confused Lol that would be funny. Isn't that guy from Cave Story?
  5. Dam... What kind of homework do you guys have? Its hard to involve Castle Crashers in Alg. 2, Notes on the bible, discussion of ancient African Civilizations, Latin, and Biology......
  6. I think its mutton, although castlepedia says its a drumstick.... MUTTON IS KEWLER
  7. I'm sorry for being ridiculusly off topic (and bad at spelling) but..... Ur profile picture=win Adventure time is AWESOME!
  8. I would appreciate if someone would tell me... Are the beetles supposed to a ****load of damage when they spin on you while you are down? I can't beat Insane desert because one beetle will always knock me down, then the next will roll through me and deal like 1000 dmg, usually killing me. If you don't know what im talking about.... Industrialist/fencer's aoe magic vs bosses=Insane beetles vs your character on the ground. Is this a bug or is this supposed to happen?
  9. arnt the only things that freeze people ACTUAL ice? I dont pay that much attention, but its snow =/= ice and snow =/= frozen Fail. Snow is just a bunch of little peices of ice..... What else would it be?
  10. Not completely confirmed, but i believe you get cultist minion from the ice castle on Insane.
  11. Periwinkle knight: 40 Red Knight (I'm working on lvling him right now in normal game): lvl 28. I got no mic. ID is DaFatChikin. I went magic and agi with red knight Agi and Def with periwinkle and working on strgh Tell me if ur interested in playing with me
  12. What knight are you/ did you play as your first? (PSN) Who do you want to unlock first? I am Blue kinght, lvl 15, just beat industial castle I'm going for Industrialist, then beating the game with Orange knight to work towards a ninjer
  13. man, i have school tomorrow, and although cc is werth stayin' up all night playing, my mom will get pissed if i stay up til 11 playing it...... i hate being 14 >.< BUT COME ON SONY! EVEN NINTENDO IS CONSISTENT WITH THEIR UPDATE TIMES!
  14. I can't wait much longer MUST HAVE CASTLE CRASHERS