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  1. Yeah. I understand how you understood it that way. I meant to say that I'm sad that he has a big, gross scar on his arm. It's a permanent reminder of the injury. That really sucks, i guess my dad will have a scar too. They are cutting a part of his shouder out or something.
  2. How is it selfish? Yes. Of course I'm glad he's alright. I was too worried that the surgery wouldn't be successful. To this day my dad always tells a story from when he was in Rome with the injury. Long story short: He tried to find a doctor in Rome to do something about it, but all he found was a hospital with some creepy people in the waiting room and two Italian doctors fighting. Yousaid it was disgusting, or it is. But i reread that and think i know what you meant
  3. My dad broke his elbow joint a while ago. If I remember correctly, the bone was both broken and dislocated. It was a pretty serious injury. He came home from Rome just a few days before my birthday. I had planned that I would come home, hang out with my dad for a few days, then he'd take me to Sacramento with my friends. I got home after my own trip, to find him sleeping on the couch with a huge cast on. Worst. Birthday. Present. Ever. He got surgery, and now he has a huge scar across that part of the arm. It's disgusting. Not to sound rude but that sounded selfish. But arnt you glad hes alright?
  4. Getting worried that doctors will screw up on my dads shoulder surgery.