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  1. fusioncode9

    red knight

    Red is the best out of the original 4
  2. Ehhhh it doesn't look like it worth around 10 bucks too me, TBH it didn't really look like a CC avatar anyways.
  3. AS long as it has zombies in it than I will gladly fork over my 60 bucks
  4. I way prefer Fable 1 to Fable 2, you can't even die in the game and the co-op has way too many problems. I hope Fable 3 is better.
  5. fusioncode9

    Pocket God

    I got it but its so boring, there's nothing you can really do I much prefer other games.
  6. I only play this game like once a week, its pretty fun but get boring.
  7. It wasn't me... I swear.
  8. I will beat insane with necro... just need a lot of help
  9. Im in boston right now so I won't get to play CC til the 18th
  10. Two people? You have to be on player 3 for it to work, and its pretty hard to do on accident, yuo need to be exact with your timing.
  11. I hated Morrowind's combat, glad they fixed it with oblivion.
  12. Ive had more fun with Tekken but it seems like street fighter is the number one fighting franchise.
  13. I almost bought it once, but decided against, might have to go back and play the demo.
  14. we shall play again hopefully i can recruit orangepinkman back or one of my old friends back for help Otto was pretty amazing in game, we owned.
  15. I was using it yesterday without the king pack, it stuck with me even after the match ended. (: