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    red knight

    Red is the best out of the original 4
  2. Ehhhh it doesn't look like it worth around 10 bucks too me, TBH it didn't really look like a CC avatar anyways.
  3. AS long as it has zombies in it than I will gladly fork over my 60 bucks
  4. I way prefer Fable 1 to Fable 2, you can't even die in the game and the co-op has way too many problems. I hope Fable 3 is better.
  5. fusioncode9

    Pocket God

    I got it but its so boring, there's nothing you can really do I much prefer other games.
  6. I only play this game like once a week, its pretty fun but get boring.
  7. It wasn't me... I swear.
  8. I will beat insane with necro... just need a lot of help
  9. Im in boston right now so I won't get to play CC til the 18th
  10. Two people? You have to be on player 3 for it to work, and its pretty hard to do on accident, yuo need to be exact with your timing.
  11. I hated Morrowind's combat, glad they fixed it with oblivion.
  12. Ive had more fun with Tekken but it seems like street fighter is the number one fighting franchise.
  13. I almost bought it once, but decided against, might have to go back and play the demo.
  14. we shall play again hopefully i can recruit orangepinkman back or one of my old friends back for help Otto was pretty amazing in game, we owned.
  15. I was using it yesterday without the king pack, it stuck with me even after the match ended. (:
  16. Saw this on Gametrailers, pretty awesome
  17. fusioncode9


    I don't think there really needed to be another thread, why not just post it here? I wanted people to know there is an explanation, if I posted it here people looking through the threads wouldn't know there is an explanation
  18. fusioncode9


    I made a thread explaining the ending if anyone wants to check it out.
  19. I still might rather get an arcade game because I don't know when I'll add points again.
  20. fusioncode9


    Its made by an independent developer so technically it is one, but it is more well known since it is published by Microsoft
  21. I tried playing that once, but I got stuck somewhere and gave up. I think limbo is a lot better.
  22. SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It seems like a lot of people don't get it so here's just my take on it. First of all the boy has been looking for his sister the whole time. When he finally got to her in the end, make sure you look at the title screen after the credits. notice how there's two dead bodies, those are the boy and girl. They have been dead the whole time and now stuck in a never-ending hell called limbo. All the obstacles in the game have something to do with the boy's memories, probably bad ones. The kids that are trying to kill him might be his bullies from real life. The spiders are a natural fear with children. Why is HOTEL the only text in the game, maybe he lived in one. A lot of the time spent in the game is spent in the forest, maybe the boy and girl played there a lot. Also some of it takes place in a factory, maybe something important happened there. I think they died from a car crash, like flying through the windshield. Like in the final part where he flies through the glass, like breaking through a windshield. There's a lot of gears which could allude to the car crash. It's a good ending but its definitely a depressing one.
  23. Well if I get it I might be screwing my self out of an arcade game, still haven't made up my mind lol