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  1. Bumping to say I beat Zelda: Breath of the Wild earlier in the week on the Switch. I have 300 games on my Xbox One and only 3 games on my Switch, yet I only want to use the Switch. I've finished Zelda after 65 hours of playtime and I have literally several hundred unfinished games on my Xbox waiting for me to go back to and complete or in some cases start. But I just keep playing Zelda. This might be the best game ever made. I can't recommend it enough. Go play it. Go buy a Switch or a Wii U, whatever you can do, go play it.
  2. I just finished Dead Rising 4 I hate to be reductionist but I think that entire game is garbage. Worse yet, the Overtime mode which is the only way to see the 'True Ending' in all the Dead Rising games, wasn't included in DR4 and is instead being released as paid DLC later (or as a part of its season pass). So not only did I pay money for this game that tarnishes the reputation of one of my favorite game franchises ever, if I want to actually see the epilogue I will have to spend even more money. Don't play this game guys, if anyone is interested in the series just pick up the DR1 & 2 ports recently released on XB1/PS4, they're super solid and still hold up as great games. Hell, Dead Rising 3 is pretty great in its own right despite being a half-step in the direction of the awfulness that is DR4.
  3. I've had an imported copy of Puyo Puyo Tetris for my Xbox One for maybe a year now and I can confirm that the game is baller.
  4. The jig is up. It is hidden within this game on Steam For more info there's a Kotaku article about it: I would say more, but considering this whole thing was kind of a big deal I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who wants to try it for themself.
  5. Titanfall 2 INSIDE Overwatch DOOM Hitman SUPERHOT These are some amazing videogames right here If any of those aren't on your list it's because you didn't play them. I'm playing Dead Rising 4 right now and so far I kinda hate it so I don't expect that to factor in at all.
  6. Hi friends, you have to check out this game SUPERHOT. It's the most innovative shooter I've played in years.
  7. I'm am becoming all of those things I feared of within my own and all of the other thoughts that I felt year after year.
  8. Oh my God I've been here over 6 years Where does the time go? Can't imagine how those of you who have been here even longer feel.
  9. Oh I assuredly already do But it's easier to do things that get me praise on here than it is in a place where my audience consists mostly of people who have known me for the past decade
  10. This new version of Complex is in talks to be published by On The Run Productions, and as a representative of the firm I can say that attaching such a name to this product ensures nothing but the highest quality.
  11. This update encourages me to get back and post more so everyone can see a little green number that shows how much everybody loves me.
  12. So after I got back from work I went up to check on the club, here's some updates: After less than a day we already have 3 requests to join! Which brought me to the realization of how joining a club works: After finding the club, you can follow the club to have access to its community feed, and after following a request to join the club is sent to the club owner (me). Then, the owner (me) has to personally go through and invite everyone who requested to join into the club. It is then that each person can accept the invitation and become a club member! It's a bit of a process I know, but trust me, I won't be excluding anybody. There is luckily an "Invite All" button that I will use anytime there are requests to join, and I have enabled it so once somebody is a member they can invite their friends to join without them having to place a request themselves! Some of the benefits of the club include the community feed that allows people to chat and share cool stuff, as well as the new "Looking For Group" function, that allows people to create parties to chat and play with anyone else in the club without having to go through the hassle of adding these strangers as friends! So like I said, we have three people already joining which have all been approved as of a few minutes ago, one of them is even a verified account of a YouTuber! So yeah guys, I'm feeling good about this whole club thing, come on and join, the water's fine
  13. Not sure what section this should go in honestly, so mods feel free to maneuver this thread wherever it would best fit. So as some may know, the feature to create and join your Clubs on Xbox One is now rolling out to Preview members. I have personally taken the liberty of creating a club specifically for this community's Xbox One players to get together and play games, whether it be matchmaking for Castle Crashers Remastered or just finding people who want to play Overwatch, I think it'd make it a lot easier for those of you looking for like-minded individuals, or just need a friend or two to tackle hard mode in CC. The club is public and open to everyone, simply called "The Behemoth" if you search on Xbox Live. I can't directly invite anyone not on my friend's list, but if you join you can invite any of your friends! So anyway, have at it, I hope this is helpful for some of y'all! EDIT: For anyone who cannot find the club for whatever reason and is interested, you can either post your Gamertag or PM it to me and I can actually send invites that way!
  14. One of my favorite modern bands, Grouplove, just released the lead single off their upcoming album earlier this week, "Welcome To Your Life" It's about the daughter that the two singers recently had together, and after realizing that, I find the song to be pretty beautiful. It's just a really loving song about the future and the potential aspirations of their child. Very poppy though, if you're not into Indie Pop-Rock or Synth-Pop then you probably won't be a big fan... Seeing them in concert (again!) in November!
  15. I just finished Inside a few days ago. I can't tell you why, but all of you have to play and finish Inside. All of you.
  16. My current line-up of top CP 'mons: This game is pretty cool. I caved and spent $10 for backpack space but I don't even care, the kind of fun I've had with this is unparalleled in today's landscape.
  17. Not that it's entirely relevant, but these days I tend to give more consideration to microtransactions than I do to season passes. I am also much more inclined to pay for microtransactions in F2P games than full price games. Other than Team Fortress 2, I refuse to engage in IAPs for titles I already paid for upfront unless it's a full-fledged DLC add-on. I also will generally opt for the "unlock the full game" option if one is available for a game I like. For instance, despite being a big Pac-Man fan I did not engage with Pac-Man 256 due to its Free To Play nature, but the game was recently rereleased on consoles for $5 with all traces of IAPs cut out, and so I bought it and am having a blast.
  18. M Y S T I C L I F E O R D I E
  19. Hello all, it's me again We are living in a world where F2P gaming is a juggernaut, and increasingly becoming the easiest way for a company to monetize their product. Pokemon Go is a really recent example, and I've been seeing a lot of people saying how they don't usually buy microtransactions for games but broke that rule for Pokemon Go, and it had me wondering, how many of you out there buy microtransactions/IAPs? If you do, what games have you bought them for? Despite initially not liking the business model, these days I play a lot of F2P games. I at various times have frequently played Miitomo, Town of Salem, Happy Wars, Clash Royale, Pokemon Go and a few others but have yet to spend a dime on any of them. Counter to that though, I have spent a lot of money on Hearthstone, a handful of dollars on Team Fortress 2 (not sure if it counts since I bought the game back when it wasn't F2P though), $2.99 on Dragonmania Legends, and possibly a few others I don't recall in this moment. So tell me, what were the games that did you in, and why or why not?
  20. Mr. Hatty

    E3 2016

    Glad someone else here is a fan of Giant Bomb, their E3 coverage is/was sublime.
  21. Mr. Hatty

    E3 2016

    E3 isn't over yet (in fact it technically just began), there are plenty of announcements to come from smaller companies within the next few days, but so far here are the best and worst of E3 from my perspective: The best: Dead Rising 4 looks amazing God of War is going in an awesome direction that actually makes me care about the series Titanfall 2 looks to once again eat Call of Duty's lunch Dishonored II looks WAY better than the first game Prey is back Resident Evil 7 with VR support going back to horror roots! Xbox's Play Anywhere initiative is amazing Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the best looking games at the show Horizon: Zero Dawn still is making me jealous of PS4 owners Fe is everything I want from indie games Detroit: Become Human now gives me Deadly Premonition vibes and I'm super into it Ghost Recon: Wildlands is shaping up to be awesome Fallout 4 in VR is happening! The worst: Scalebound and Final Fantasy XV have never looked worse in their demos 'New Crash' ends up being just the old games again + a Skylander Sony fails to give a good argument as to why you should get PSVR Harmonix's big Rock Band announcement was literally just a name and a price of their new expansion Days Gone looks super lame for how much time they spent on it Sports Sports Sports Watch_Dogs 2 probably isn't gonna be better than Watch_Dogs VR in general is a bummer EA showed a whole lot of nothing for most of their games In general, the conferences this year at E3 were pretty meh. Weirdly enough Nintendo still managed to excite the child in me despite only showing one game. Microsoft was really strong, just not exciting (I still don't give a damn about Gears) & Sony felt like all talk with no actual content (though they succeeded in getting me excited for God of War which I have literally never cared about).
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    E3 2016

    Dead Rising 4 leaked, looks and sounds amazing. Apparently it's a re-imagining of the first game but instead of just playing in the mall you traverse the entire town with 4 player co-op. Also it's Christmas time. I'm already hyped to hell and back, a DR1 remake was all I really wanted and them somehow wrapping that into DR4 is incredible to me. This part is unconfirmed, but it is rumoured to be an Xbox One exclusive as well. Can't wait to hear more at E3. Also Harmonix is going to be talking more about Rock Band 4: Chapter 2 so of course I will be patiently awaiting that information. Usual crew should find a way to hit me up if you're at all down for the typical E3 plans so I can know whether to take off work.
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    I love this game, one of the best games I've played in a long, long time. Very fun. Those that know me way well will not be surprised I mainly play healers. Top 3 characters are Zenyatta - 6 hours Mercy - 4 hours D.Va - 3 hours I also play a mean Junkrat or Widowmaker from time to time. Game is great, have just over 20 hours clocked, which is insane considering I only have 24 hours clocked in Awesomenauts and I've had that game for years. I would recommend this game to literally anybody except those who physically can't play first person shooters. If they ever add cross-platform play then you can find me tearin' it up over at the Xbox One side of things
  24. I 100%'d Cel Damage HD on Xbox One a few weeks back. Gamecube version is way better
  25. Aye finish up that DP bruther. I personally have been playing DOOM. It's the hottest single player shooter around. EDIT: On the other side of the spectrum, I'm also playing through Life Is Strange for the first time, just finished episode 1. Seems really cool so far, kinda gives me Deadly Premonition vibes when it comes to characters and the little bit of jank in the game. If you're into adventure games I'd recommend giving it a look based on the bit I've played thus far.