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  1. StompRocket2009

    Musicians? Composers? I got a namechange on NG, so thought it would be appropriate to update with a new link.
  2. StompRocket2009

    Sum Moosik

    Thanks, I have millions of folk riffs I came up with haha.
  3. StompRocket2009

    Sum Moosik

    Just a short acoustic loop, pretty chill
  4. StompRocket2009

    Sum Moosik

    New song: Remake of Lavender Town, as if that hasn't been done a million times already
  5. StompRocket2009

    Sum Moosik

    Released a new song for an up and coming flash RPG Also, got an account namechange. I am now known as "DahDoctow" on newgrounds.
  6. It's a huge improvement over just having the trailer
  7. StompRocket2009

    Sum Moosik This song sucks, enjoy!
  8. StompRocket2009

    Well this looks familiar.

    That's actually pretty cool that you came all the way here just to say that.
  9. StompRocket2009

    Gold Plated Xbox 360 has arrived!

    If it breaks, sell it and get lots of money It's still gold after all
  10. StompRocket2009

    Engine Built On?

    I've heard some great things about both C and C++. I personally use C++, and although I've just started programming with it, I recommend using that.
  11. StompRocket2009

    Music for the game?

    I know I didn't get in haha.
  12. StompRocket2009

    pink knight for 360

    yes, we added a bunch of stuff to PSN Castle. I dont think its fair just because its new doesn't mean you have to leave 360 behind WE WERE THERE FIRST, WE WERE HERE we voted and made CC the number one arcade game and we dont get nothing! give us a exclusive character for having you guys the Number one arcade game! we made you guys popular... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Isn't that the whole point? You were there first.
  13. StompRocket2009

    Videogame I'm Making

    It's that game maker engine correct?
  14. StompRocket2009

    Musicians? Composers?

    I'm not the greatest but ah well.
  15. StompRocket2009

    Sum Moosik

    I actually removed the other ones because they were terrible. You can find ALL of my songs by going here: