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  1. MVP is overrated. Its about the win. I think we can all agree that a good teammate/good opponents are much more important than who punched people more.
  2. All out of gems and yarn for the moment, gave them all out today after getting toast and trying my arena levels out. (back to the drawing board with those) ill play some koth and maybe cth and restock. Lol
  3. I'm having this issue as well. Although, I haven't uploaded it yet.Most of my arena modes are somewhat complex with treadmills and switches outside of the actual play space. I seem to have no issue after adding designated spawns, but will adding the designated spawn blocks completely fix this issue?
  4. I know. I've seen him. It's pathetic really. Why can't he just get a ton of gems for himself?!?!?On that note, now that I've been building levels, have the heads, and beat everything but insane co op, I've been giving everyone I play with (that doesn't have all the heads) thirty gems or so.Only one person refused. I promise im not scamming. But at the same time, I'm not really trying to go out and give gems away. But if im playing and people go the gift shop, I offer, and if they need yarn, I also offer that. Perhaps that person should seek me out. I'd give him a ton of gems just to stop trying to scam people.
  5. Death stock? Each team member has a certain amount of lives. Why not? This could be applied to other modes when making arena maps as well, changing how you play certain game types.
  6. Still, I don't need the yarn. I don't know why, but someone offered to buy the frog from me for thirty gems so I felt bad. That's when I started giving yarn out. I don't need it.
  7. I've been just giving it out to new players, 21 yarn for 1 yarn. Helps them get their achievements and weapons. I feel bad when I enter a trade booth, have the achievement, and have all the heads they have; I still want them to get the achievement even if they have nothing to trade me. So I guess I just figured I'd give out free yarn. I'll probably do the same with gems once I unlock the last five heads.
  8. Did you guys do the secret level? If so, I believe you have to go back and do the regular level.
  9. Anyone else besides me see people blatantly trying to cheat people out of items? For instance, asking for a head, offering 30 gems or so (which is what they cost at the high end when you have almost everything unlocked) and switching to 0 gems after the other player confirms the trade once? Last minute switching of your offer to benefit yourself. Anyways, I saw it today. No one got swindled but he wouldn't even play the actual game. He just hops lobbies and tries to trade. I ended up seeing him twice, both times I'd leave the shop when he got into a booth. I'd say that maybe he just screwed up or something, but he did it the exact same way three times in a row to me and two others (who thankfully didn't fall for it) and after that I didn't let him sit in the trade booth. I don't understand these types. Especially since I have been giving out yarn all week to newer players (by asking for 1 yarn and offering 21)
  10. Made it into the 50s. Never have I been so high on a leader board, except in pixel junk monsters Co op.
  11. Its better than shift codes/golden keys for borderlands 2, dan. From a big fan of borderlands and borderlands 2, as well as a gearbox supporter and an affluent (spammy) member of gearbox forums. Golden keys are a nice little bonus, and a way to track activity/following. But they never kept me coming back to the game. The special star heads, even if I haven't loved the ones so far (everyone has different tastes! They still are fantastic.) are a joy collecting and I have trade stuffs incase I miss some that I really want down the line. Plus, gems from community stages. (sorry Pandy Richford.. I still love you and your forums that you never come to except that one time.)
  12. Lol, a player named snow the fox was trying to cheat people by asking for gems for heads, or heads and offering gems, and changing his offer last second as they are about to accept. Why does it even matter? To try and cheat people out of their items. Blah
  13. Is your second player signed into a profile, or signed in as a Guest? To be safe, ensure your second player is signed into any profile with Member Content set to Allowed. Guests should not be able to access Furbottom's Features due to user created content restrictions on the Xbox -- although I'm a little taken aback by you being able to play other user-generated content. He has xbox live gold and is signed into an account, as do I. If it helps, we are connected to xbox live, nat open, go through xbox live, arena, features.When you replied, we thought since this wasn't our original xbox (disc read errors) and we are using a borrowed one that it may have the settings changed, but its set to member content 'allowed' And we did play/finish the co op furbottom feature adventure prior to trying to access the furbottom feature arena. We tried a few times Saturday 4/20 between 8am and noon, as well as today (Monday 4/22) around 9am and again at 11am. Both of us were signed into xbox live (gold membership) with nat open. Although I don't think it matters, I am the one who purchased the game and he was the one who started the session as player one. I was logged in though, and he didn't play anything by himself Edit: I signed him out for a bit and dashboarded (to watch hulu during lunch) and when I relaunched the game, I signed him in as player two and navigated my profile to furbottoms features through xbox live and it seems to be working now. Sorry for the trouble/false flags.
  14. I have tried loading the featured arena content with another player on couch Co op, to play online, and every time it says Battleblock theater content is not available (or something similar) but we can still play other arena modes online. We also can play the Co op adventure furbottom feature levels, and user created levels. The only thing we can't do is play the furbottom feature arena levels online.
  15. Square cat - eyes move back and forth. (looks like the cat clock)
  16. I don't like to stick to any particular weapon, with the exception of when I play couch Co-op (changing interferes with you both). However, the fan seems relatively easy to frustrate others. I only specifically use it if someone I'm playing against is, and even then, they have to be spamming it to make me resort to copycatting.
  17. I just jumped in koth where they were like 12 and 0, played them how they were playing with the fan and started winning when I got a teammate. Had to leave but they were good so I sent them a friend request. I hope they didn't get mad.
  18. I have it unlocked, yet I don't see it on the scrolling list, like in the stats page. I was checking to see how many heads I had left to unlock (a ton) and can't seem to see its place in the star category. Thanks for the Purrham head guys!
  19. Do community maps give gems? If so, there are tons of maps you can play, and save to your favorites. You can even make your own and host matches. But if not, fifteen or so maps isn't that bad for a game with as many versus modes.
  20. There was a number of people today in quick match/ranked match that used the dodgeball. Worked fairly well at crowd control in the ball game, much like the boomerang.
  21. Because he jumps on turtles or when yoshi spits his tongue out, its because Mario bunches him in the back of the head. Just a guess. Also, he skinned a racoon. Probably.