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  1. It's not quite a live stream, but it looks like Emil is digging up old footage of Dan at work on Castle Crashers. There's supposed to be a new video everyday, if they have time. Check it out: Castle Crashers – Medusa Boss Design Part 1
  2. Added a pink background, cuz, well... I wanted to.
  3. Baw... Well, if you feel inspired to turn on a Ustream for an hour or so one day, you'd certainly have the community's attention the whole way through. I know you think it might not be fun to watch, but it's fascinating to all of us.
  4. This might be out of the question, but I think it would be great to see The Behemoth start a Live Video Stream of a day at work. I know Dan has videos of him creating art, which is the perfect foundation for streaming. Have Dan sit down and start drawing for a while with the cameras rolling live. Yes, I realize those videos are sped up that I linked, but live streaming might make for an interesting way to reveal new BBT art, characters, sets, or whatever. I don't want to sound like a Ustream ad, but if you're reading, Behemoth, click here. The producer has a screen grab thing built into it. You could even switch back and forth from a web cam, show the HQ a bit, have Kelly answer questions from the live feed of comments, give away goodies, show the rest of the crew at work, etc. And... Now I've officially started ranting. That said, please stream something live for us. /end begging <3 Snow
  5. This mode is so much fun! Hopefully I'll get some time to try it again at PAX.
  6. Yea, I hear that... It was so long that even Youtube wouldn't let me upload it. But, compressing hours of work into 15 minutes was the best I could do with it still being fairly watchable. I tried making it faster, but then it was all even more of a blur.
  7. Stalkers happen. I'm used to it. So, I treat Facebook like a promo site, versus what most people us it as.
  8. I'm very interested in the story... But I actually don't mind it being quiet on that front. I'd rather not have any of the story spoiled for me.
  9. Something I've been thinking would be great for Battleblock Theater would be community integration into the game. For instance, you could validate your ".net Passport" (gamertag) here on the Behemoth community, and reap rewards in the game the next time you turn it on. I've been seeing a lot of threads about a level editor or map creator. If that happens, that'd be the perfect thing to use to drive community. Anyways, here's a list of my thoughts if it's not too late for team Behemoth to implement into the game. And if it's not too outlandish, or expensive. - Map sharing: Your maps are stored and shared via your friends in game, as well as being able to access them on the Behemoth community to share, favorite, and spread via Facebook or other social media. - Level creator: Aside from potentially having an in-game tool for building levels, you would also have access to a creator on the Behemoth community. Maps could be shared with others, and accessed in-game. - Drawing Board: The basic idea would be a simple brush tool which you could draw your own textures for faces, blocks, and other in game elements. It would be moderated by the community, utilizing the fans as a way to keep the inevitable penis and boob textures from popping up. Draw your images, save, and access them in-game. - Unlocking exclusives: If you register on the Behemoth community, authenticate your gamertag, exclusive characters, items, or maps unlock on your Xbox or in the game. It could even include special Avatar items, like an animal orb from Castle Crashers, or a floating golden whale. - Never ending flow of official content: One of the biggest problems to get around with arcade titles is true DLC. Arcade games have to include or utilize only content existing in the game as DLC. You can't put up a DLC pack that is something like 100mbs to add content, unfortunately. Microsoft is making exceptions now-a-days for this, but it's a real possibility that Battleblock Theater will not be one of those exceptions... So, to give the game a prolonged life, Behemoth could include side challenges in the game that could constantly be updated. The rewards for achieving the challenge of the week (or whatever timeframe is set) could be in-game items, Behemoth community rewards (like a discount for the online store), or special themes/gamerpics/avatar items. - In-game screen grabs/video recording: Community is a powerful tool for spreading the word about a game they love. Having a screen grab/video recording function in Battleblock Theater that allows you to post the photo to the community, Facebook, Youtube, etc would keep the active community drawing attention to others who haven't yet tried it. This opens the door not just for creativity, but also assets from the game that look far more produced. Fan made trailers, machinima, guides, and more would spread like wild fire. These are just some of my thoughts on what might be an additional set of awesome features to an already amazing game. To be honest, it's far more work to do these types of things than it sounds. But, if there's time, budget, and if Behemoth thinks it's worth while to include, I'd be more excited than I can describe here. Thoughts?
  10. Amazing! Love the chicken on the spaceship on the volcano
  11. Lemme know what you think. I used Castle Crasher music since, well, you know, it's badass. More here, if you care.
  12. Yea, that mode was fun. Especially that stage with the teleporter on either end. I would chuck grenades in there and they'd catch the other guys by surprise
  13. Yea, I'm definitely going to do more when I can get the time. Any requests?
  14. I heart the Jackalope/Raccoon/Bear from the Battleblock Theater trailer. So, I redrew him in Illustrator and made some wallpapers! Just like love diseases, feel free to enjoy/get/share. Click to download. And some images of how they look on ur stuff.
  15. Got it on both my 360s, and I will definitely be getting it on PS3 as well.