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  1. Auzei

    The League of Extraordinary PS3ers!

    PS3 broke again D: I only got to play CC for 30 minutes....
  2. I believe so. It could be like an hour and a half though. Hard to say I don't exactly remember what time it updates. I know its about 5pm Central though. =[ I won't be able to play until tonight then D: Aww wel I'll be hanging out with friends at a concert
  3. Auzei

    It's not there!

    That's because it hasn't updated it =[ Check again in an hour. >_> I should be finishing by last paper for homeschool to get my high school diploma... but I'm too distracted about it not being out yet lol
  4. Auzei

    Corrupt a wish!

    Granted, but now you live in a paradox for the rest for you life I wish this wish doesn't get granted
  5. Auzei

    Who will win? (POLLS COMING SOON)

    Trogdor hands down
  6. Auzei

    Drop an item and kill yourself with it game

    It lands one me. I drop 'the game'
  7. Auzei

    Castle Crashers: 3 Word Story

    Then, dancing tigers
  8. Auzei

    Users Vs Mods 2.0

    15 is the number for me.
  9. It makes me go 'unce' just once.
  10. You can't! you broke and now all of humanity is going to die! You just haaad to change it didn't you! Now we're all going to die D: The blackhole is going to eat stuff up so fast the earth will be no longer before it gets released =[ But there is one way to fix it. Every single stuffed animal of a moose has to be shot into the black hole and it will reverse the process and then everything will be fine.
  11. Auzei

    The League of Extraordinary PS3ers!

    It's fixed and I might have a group already.
  12. -breathes heavily- You broke it you jerk! D: Now Castle Crashers will NEVER come out . >:[ -flails arms awkwardly while whining-
  13. You're welcome I actually don't know if this updates itself... Hmmm...