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  1. Hello! This is a Battleblock theater custom heads thread post all your battleblock theater styled heads here! Yes they need to be BattleBlock theater styled in order to post them here for the people who want it easier to locate some of these. But here comes the fun part! Every week (I will try to stay consistent) I will count up the amount of posts with the most likes and showcase them (with the creator's permission) up here and they will stay up here (I will continue to add more weekly winners). All types of artists are welcome no matter how skilled you are. Also Constructive criticism is allowed and please don't just like a person's head on how well its drawn; like it on the IDEA. And for the people who want to download your wonderful work post a download link or a pic so people can save as it to advertise what you've made to the world! Don't be shy post today! (I also apologize if I've posted this in the wrong section I did not know where to put it if a mod could move it to the correct place I would greatly appreciate that)
  2. Oh yeah!!!!- Balro- I mean - Kool-Aid guy

  3. I wonder this is the playable cats we saw in the trailer too. I thought they looked great.
  4. Well even though I don't have Xbox I know the Alien Hominid head is only unlockable through having or purchasing Alien Hominid HD.
  5. when ever I play online story i usually come across 2 golden hats in one playthrough and i either take first or take second im fair(I don't like it when people leaf me.....)
  6. The unicorn head is live and real people! look on the wiki its a real star head that so far has only been released on Xbox if thats what your wondering.
  7. I wish I had to capability to make a custom head... but i cannot draw in such a small space I am amazed at how some people can