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  1. Can't believe you stole this from me, what kind of nerd just sits around and waits for the moment it hits 2018?
  2. So, now that the game is out on PC, how do you get the head? It's not listed on the market, there is no way to play Alien Homind through Steam, nada, and I can't think of anything in game besides beating every map on Insane? I literally can't play without that head, literally.
  3. O RLY?!Banhammer. YOU'RE MAD WITH POWER *slaps Koen* #banindustrialknight He's mad? We're ALL mad here~ Arigato, habanero-chan. We're making a pyramid here? I'll help.
  4. Is there any word on how you would unlock it on PC seeing as Alien Hominid HD doesn't exist on PC? Maybe link your Xbox gamertag with it on the Xbox or some different unlock way like they did for the PC version of Castle Crashers?
  5. There is a head for him. I couldn't find one on the market, in the game, or on the complete list in the Sticky. Could you please link me to where it says there is or some image or w/e?
  6. I love that little illegitimate child. Do NOT bypass the swear filter. -SushiGummy SushiGummy pls.
  7. That was F'in beautiful.