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  1. So Slowking is now pretty much the pointless evolution of Slowpoke with Mega Slowbro being revealed? Also, what's up with the lack of Mega Flygon/Mightyena/Torkoal? Hopefully they'll be within the game.
  2. Finished Collection so no "dupers" have a reason to harass me anymore considering there's no possible way I'd agree.

  3. Finished Collection so I have no "dupers" have a reason to harass me anymore considering there's no possible way I'd agree.

  4. Only four more Starheads to go! And the hardest to get too it seems. (Only seen 3 Thief Heads in the last month.)

  5. The Jaggalo Scuba Steve 100 Gems Central Time & Tonight 6 PM, Sunday (All Day)/Monday (All Day)/Wednesday (Night), Sorry, I didn't see the "Currently Not Taking Orders" add-on to this post. Also, finished collection so I no longer need if you ever did consider.
  6. Have: Winston, Rose, Toast, Cat Control, Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers Knight, Furbottom Want: FBI Agent 2, Thief, King, Scuba Steve GT: The Jaggalo Finished collection. Thanks guys.
  7. PSN: WarofAres Stuck on Marsh. If possible, I'd like someone who beat the game (Horn) so I could go to either the Corn Boss/Flooded Temple instead. Blue Knight Level 71. [Edit]: Insane mode. Kind of obvious and what not but I figured it'd be for the best to throw that out there.
  8. The funny thing is that I never thought to myself "Maybe he's just a puppet to the Wizard?" I personally would think he'd have free will due to the area you fight him at. The bodies laid out on the ground obviously were collected piece by piece. I don't think the Wizard would follow him around the globe just for him to gather random corpses throughout the journey. Collecting dead bodies could also be a hobby and boosting his strength is just a bonus? Maybe, maybe not. It's Castle Crasher after all. As for the rest, those are some serious twists.
  9. You live one - two hours away from me, maybe even a couple Parish's away if you're still in the same place. Weird.
  10. Work in the AM. At least it's payday :D

  11. I was thinking about this earlier when I was playing Castle Crashers on PS3. (I'm talking about the boss on the game, not the player controlling the character.) The Necromancer could summon any boss/enemy that has been killed. With that, he could create an army. (As you seen on the game.) So with that, the Wizard's army could be taken on. As an undead being, the Cyclops is under his control which in my opinion is more of a threat than the Painter. He's obviously good with magic (necromancy) so the magic barrier from the Wizard wouldn't stop much. Same goes for physical attacks. He can take a knight with equal swordsman skill so same goes for the physical barrier. The spider form wouldn't be much of a threat either. Then when you think about it, he'd be on par with the Wizard's skills with the Demon Sword. So do you think that if the Necromancer wanted to, he could overpower the Wizard? I know this is stupid, but it's a just for fun question. [i realized that I misspelled over in the title.] (Fixed it. -SG) (You're awesome! Thank you.)
  12. Banned because I picked Bulbasaur. WHAT NOW?