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  1. maxtuskyman

    Chapter 8 Issue

    The same thing happened to me. I ignored it and beat the first nine levels anyway.
  2. maxtuskyman

    You Are All Welcome.

    I live in Minnesota and I know that it will release at 6:00 AM if that's helpful.
  3. maxtuskyman

    What Next?

    The behemoth just visited Game Informer so we might get some info soon from them.
  4. maxtuskyman

    character customisation

    You're not acting that cheery right now.
  5. maxtuskyman

    Combine The Last Two Games You Played

    Mine would be Borderlands and Fallout 3. Together they would make Rage.
  6. maxtuskyman

    Level Editor Comfirmed!

    Probably cuz in the blog post, Dan said they made all the in-game levels with the level editor
  7. maxtuskyman

    Level Editor Comfirmed!

    Now that there is a level editor and I can download other peoples levels, I will never stop playing this game because there is now an unlimited amount of levels!!!!!
  8. maxtuskyman

    character customisation

    Wow that's a really good point. I hope they changed the character selection as a whole because if I have 100 heads, I don't want to scroll through each one individually. There should be a big grid with all the heads so I can clearly see them all and can easily get to the one I want.
  9. maxtuskyman

    Level Editor Comfirmed!

    Yep! In the devblog post, Dan said you can upload your own levels, and download and rate other people's.
  10. saw it, thought of your post in the PAX thread immediatly. Nice guess right there. Thanks!
  12. maxtuskyman

    Pax Prime

  13. maxtuskyman

    Pax Prime

    Level editor!!!!
  14. maxtuskyman

    next battleblock update

    Yep. I've been checking the dev blog for info about this game since 2009. I hope it comes out before I go off to college so I can actually play it