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  1. Will there be a favorite system? With all of these customisations, if I found one I really liked using it could be a pain to have to scroll through everything every time I play the game.

    Wow that's a really good point. I hope they changed the character selection as a whole because if I have 100 heads, I don't want to scroll through each one individually. There should be a big grid with all the heads so I can clearly see them all and can easily get to the one I want.

  2. Man its been awhile castle crashers on steam and other things. I still really want this game please just spill the beans at pax. You will truly make everyone on here the happiest people on earth after waiting for what seemed to have been a life time. I first heard about the game in 6th grade I'm going into high school now.... well back on topic here just wanted to maybe revive the thread for some pax info and whatnot such as updates on anything blocky. :-P

    Yep. I've been checking the dev blog for info about this game since 2009. I hope it comes out before I go off to college so I can actually play it :cry:

  3. lol....this topic was started over 2 years ago......





    O RLY?

    ya the behemoth thinks its ok how long there taking on the game because castle crashers took three years,this does not make it ok,it means the behemoth is a bad compony

    I think you deserve Mod status for being such a smart person. Guys, give the fellow a Nobel Prize. Seriously though, dude, just leave if you're gonna troll The Behemoth. It's okay if you want to state opinion, but bashing a company, on their forums I might add, and with no real reason, is just idiotic.

    i do not hate the behemoth,believe me,but when the game was announced in 09,ive lost my hope as a behemoth fan and we realy need to this game realy worth a three year wait for a game that we will beat in a day?

    did you just say you will beat it in a day?!?! this game has over 200 levels if you would beat it in one day that would be just crazy!!!!

    Well over 200 hundred levels that take about 2-3 minuets to complete. So about 8 hours if you do the math. But I'm assuming the later levels will be very difficult and will take much longer.

  4. I have had this name since I was about 4. I had a made up language that was really just funny sounding made up words that I called Tuskyish. Tuskyman was made up from that. I don't know where the max came from though. It's not even my name and my dad doesn't remember how I came up with it either haha.

  5. I sitll say early 2013, but im getting a slight bit worried about Behemoth. Now, they developed games before, but im starting to feel like they might be starting to say "Oh, this would be another cool feature to add." While of course, I would like a larger game then a shorter one, from what I understand is that no game is ever fully complete. There will always be those features you wan't to add. I know the Behemoth probobly understands it, but it still worries me that they might be holding the game off a little bit each time so they can add this cool feature they just thought of.

    But if the game come's out as the jugurnaut of all content, then the wait is still worth it.

    Well I'm fine if they're doing that! If the cool new features make the game more awesome, I'll wait longer for them.