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  1. to get everyone back on topic: I just want some updates on some things about the game! The last post about bbt on the dev blog was a very long time ago!
  2. Just saying, new bbt stuff doesn't need to be new info. I would also like to see just some new gameplay videos because i've watched everyone i could find and i want to see more!!
  3. I can't help but keep thinking that with all of these trade shows and other stuff they're making and doing, TB doesn't get as much time as they should to work on this game.
  4. Hey you guys! I think it's November 1! And I have proof: ... eater.html
  5. I am sick of just hearing about Castle Crashers for ps3 everywhere I go! I have an xbox and I dont really care about all of that stuff! I would much rather hear about battle block theater instead of some game i've already played for 2 years! Can't The Behemoth focus a little more on there NEW game instead of one thats already been out?!?!?!?! P.S. don't get me wrong, I love CC but i would like to here about bbt more
  6. Darn, that sucks. I wanted to see more battleblock theater
  7. Hey. I noticed that on the behemoth's youtube channel, there is a development video on game 3 (now known as battleblock theater). The title of the video has part 1 in it and in the description it says this is a series of videos. But the video was post over a year ago and there still aren't any more!! Will there be more or did the behemoth just give up on that idea? Here's the link so you can see for yourself: ... j8TwsTC-fI
  8. You're banned for focusing on their profile picture instead of what they say like you're supposed to.
  9. I think Dan needs to sort this out cause I think that website looks pretty reliable.
  10. I saw in one of the Battle Block Theater trailers there was a caracter with the head of the cardnil pet in castle crashers
  11. Hey I was looking around the internet to find out the release date of BattleBlock Theater and a lot of sites said that it will come out on November 1, 2010. Is this true???????