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  1. Weapon: Electricity ball Fire ball Character: Rabbit Boss health symbol You should edit the original post and add the things everyone else is saying to that.
  2. Flying cars will be invented before it comes to PS3. And a machine that removes all the fat from your body will be invented before it comes to 360. Well according to Back to the Future, we'll have flying cars in 2015
  3. I'm crossing my fingers for an announcement at comic-con
  4. Hahaha that's exactly what went through my head too
  5. What scares me is that at the Xbox booth, there was a summer of arcade section and battleblock theater wasn't there
  6. castle crashers are way too big to be brought on to iOS. That's why they could only do PDA games and not a full game
  7. Im pretty sure they announced this game way earlier though, so it feels longer
  8. They just changed their policy. Now all arcade games can have 20 achievements for 400 gamerscore. All of the arcade game in the arcade next promotion have that.
  9. Take Trials Evolution for example, that game would not be nearly as hyped or praised if t wasn't for its level creator. Putting on in bbt will just make the game that much better.
  10. She said that last year. She meant that bbt isn't coming out in 2011.
  11. that's a good idea! They would be changed a bit cuz Dan would draw them on a head shape
  12. But doesn't the necromancer strike him with lightning? I always thought it was him starting the cyclops back up. He isn't really undead, he's just destroyed by the lava.
  13. Either best friends or father and son based on the pictures hanging in the lava castle
  14. Ya. I just hope Microsoft isn't stupid and waits till christmas time just to get more sales.
  15. No they were sure of 2010 but then when they didn't make that date, they stopped estimating so to not disappoint everyone again. If you look at some old interviews or dev blog posts you'll see it saying 2010.
  16. They haven't given a release date. They never gave a release date. They're scared of release dates. they said 2010 a long time ago
  17. Ya i agree the narrator really strengthens the feel of the game as a whole.