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  1. So there aren't going to be any more cartoon decapatations in this one? I will admit that's a bit of a let down. Well, people can get blown up and have their body parts thrown everywhere
  2. That'd be nice, but I think they'll shoot for an October release because of the overabundance of games being released in September (two of which I already have preordered, one of which I'm picking up midnight this Tuesday ). If I were to make a guess at this point, I'd say October 19th if it's going to be soon, or December 15th if it's going to be later in the year. BF3 comes out in october
  3. I don't think so, they just made the pink knight because it was most wanted. I don't think there was an organized poll
  4. You guys didn't plan on releasing it yet? Why? If it was done, why hold it back?
  5. How many dragons are even in CC? lol One. Lava world.
  6. Im thinking the castle crashers dlc comes with bbt. Sort of how you get the alien if you buy alien hominid
  7. Hahaha TB just can't keep anything secret, can they?
  8. Not like bbt though. lbp only has one capmpaign but bbt changes depending on how many people are in the game. The only parts that require actual cooperation is the bonus parts where multiple people are required. You can't customize as much as lbp. In bbt, you can only choose pre-drawn characters (the shapes are more like categories) In bbt, if someone on your team were to grab a gem or a ball of yarn, everyone on the team gets it. Ya your right about that one But you don't get point's in bbt, it's just dependent on how many gems you collect
  9. Idk actually , maybe people on his team could see a clear silhouette of him Most of the time I play this game it's gonna be local anyway. The ssb method is the only possible way to do it and that sucked
  10. It is nothing like little big planet besides the fact it's a sidescroller
  11. If he was invisible, how would the person playing with it see him and know where their going?
  12. banned for banning someone for banning someone.
  13. Not HD. It was on the gamecube and PS2
  14. I just want the behemoth to just come out and say one day "Battleblock theater! Out tomorrow!" that would make me soooo happy
  15. When the behemoth made the new bbt website, they said that they would show a new prisoner weekly. It's been almost 3 weeks since the last one! Whats going on?
  16. Dan already said that arcade games have different rules then retail ones, so they can't come out with a pre release demo.
  17. Wouldn't that be a but short with only 4 players. Who said anything about there being only 4? TB said themselves that there is more than that
  18. There should be a infection mode where one person starts as a zombie or something and when that person kills someone, they become a zombie too. It would be awesome because it would end up where one person is running from every one else thats trying to kill them
  19. I'm having trouble deciding which game to get, From Dust or Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. They both look like great fun and I've read reviews on both. The only thing is that ITSP is said to be pretty short, but I don't even know how long From Dust is going to be! Help me make a decision!