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  1. If I transfer again will it wipe all I've done on the one? I've leveled up a few times on different characters and I'd like that to not be gone so does it just take the highest level from both or replace the one saves with 360. Also earlier I saw someone with the King and other dlc characters. When I asked how he got them he said from when he transfered over. When I transfered I didn't have that dlc installed when I transferred can someone confirm or deny that
  2. Gt Spyer2k I'm lvl 45 right now, my main was the Minion but he's locked behind insane mode completion as I've been told. I'm in the theives forest right now any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Could be ever get a Bundle of Behemoth Games remastered for Current Gen? Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers, and Battle block along with Game 4
  4. I would like the Mr. Boobins.
  5. I need Lava Lamp and Tiny Monkey for whoever is able to donate those. If not that's fine. Just putting it out there I need them.
  6. You can't draw your own head. If you could there would be penis and boob heads everywhere. Battleblock Theater would be come a battle of the SEXes lolol
  7. I'll tell you what would happen... Obviously, they will give out the two other heads; which will be a heart head (for valentines day) and another head. The last head will be released two weeks after the second to last head, like every other star head. Nothing super awesome will happen, it will just be another star head. At the very least, it will have to do with the riddle, "The 6th head is a myth" meaning that it might be a cake head considering it might be referencing "the cake is a lie" meme, or it will be Big Chin or Hatty because every one says its a myth. What ever it is, it will just be another cool head released on a Friday like every other head in existence. Hopefully, though, I will be wrong and the people at The Behemoth might have another trip up there sleeve's. Probably not a heart. Maybe a Unicorn
  8. 6th head. Create your own Head DLC.
  9. No, you shall go through the pain and suffering everyone else has. I had to play through this playlist up to the finale twice. This in my opinion is the hardest Furbottoms yet. YOU SHALL SUFFER. I'll save you from your suffering before Fossa hears this!I will give anyone who needs the F.B.I agent it for free,but they have to have tried.Another catch is I will only give him to five people and dP and swag are 2 already on the list.3 more,and another thing.If I give you him you have to add me on xbox so I'm not a loner. I want one.