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  1. I completely support this idea, I've already had some good 1v1's online with some fast guys, and some 2v2's. Its really fun going for fast times, trying to get everything perfect. However I dont think they need a new game mode, all they need to do is add a leaderboards for the fastest times on each of the challenge maps. Theres no need to do it for all the maps as it would be to overwhelming, it would be much better to do it just for the challenge maps, and just keep trying to get epic times. I guess they could do leaderboards for the featured levels to but again it may be to much. I think a leaderboards with the fastest times for the challenge maps is do-able though? correct me if im wrong. Another idea, which i don't think is possible due to lack of space is ghost/replays of friends or top times. Any way defiantly think about adding some sort of time leader boards, it would add a whole new element to the game!!
  2. Could you let us know on here when it goes up ? Its currently 10:40 in the UK and seriously cant wait anymore haha
  3. I know this post is a few days old now, but it wont let me start a topic and this seems like the most relevant topic to my question. I was wondering if there was going to be any form of record time leader boards? I remember seeing in a video that in order to get the max grade u had to do the level pretty fast. I think it would be epic if every level had its own record time that the top-co op teams could try to beat. This could also be used in arena where 2 teams start and which ever team gets to the end of the level first wins. Could be fun thoughts any1???