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  1. bkawesomeness

    Avatar Theme - First Vote

    Shia LaBowser. Can someone do that for me?
  2. bkawesomeness

    My Smash Bros Fan Fiction

    Remember, the more Dr. Kawashima and Tingle there is, the better.
  3. bkawesomeness

    The Amiibro Club

    Check out the amiibo list page. Inkling squid has a squid girl front image and box image. Also there isn't a "find a retailer" button for inkling squid anymore. Does this mean... The End Of The Squid Amiibo!!!
  4. bkawesomeness

    End Of The World. What Do You Use?

    Armor: Shovel Knight's Armor (Shovel Knight) Primary: Mega Buster (Mega Man) Secondary: Red Shells (Mario Kart) Special: PK Starstorm Ability: Telekinesis (Various Games) Ally: Master Hand (Super Smash Bros.)
  5. bkawesomeness

    The Vending Machine Game

    You get Barackoli Obama. I insert a wave 1, unopened, mint condition Villager Amiibo.
  6. bkawesomeness

    Users Vs Mods 2.0

    20+( |20|^2) - (|-20|^2 ) (that equals 20)
  7. bkawesomeness

    My Opinion.

    Procrastination. Yoshi's Woolly World?
  8. bkawesomeness

    You're banned!

    Banned for being up at 1:00 in the morning.
  9. bkawesomeness

    Useless Super Powers

    Ability to punch extremely hard, but only when you aren't making a fist.
  10. bkawesomeness

    Animal Crossing New Leaf Friend Code Exchange.

    Ive added both of your friend codes, now just add mine in and open up your town!
  11. bkawesomeness

    You're banned!

    banned for small words
  12. bkawesomeness

    Corrupt a wish!

    Ya, but the only ones available are luigi and peach. I wish for the Shrunk Shuffle!
  13. I just got into animal crossing and I want to go to some other peoples towns. If anyone wants to play sometime here's my friend code: 1349-6821-7060 If anyone wants to play just add my friend code, put your name and friend code at the bottom, and open up your town!
  14. bkawesomeness

    The Amiibro Club

    My Amiibo: Link Luigi Yoshi Donkey Kong META KNIGHT! Amiibo I want: Pac-man Diddy Villager I heard a rumor that DK and yoshi might become rarer soon. Any clarification?