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  1. Shia LaBowser. Can someone do that for me?
  2. Remember, the more Dr. Kawashima and Tingle there is, the better.
  3. Check out the amiibo list page. Inkling squid has a squid girl front image and box image. Also there isn't a "find a retailer" button for inkling squid anymore. Does this mean... The End Of The Squid Amiibo!!!
  4. Armor: Shovel Knight's Armor (Shovel Knight) Primary: Mega Buster (Mega Man) Secondary: Red Shells (Mario Kart) Special: PK Starstorm Ability: Telekinesis (Various Games) Ally: Master Hand (Super Smash Bros.)
  5. You get Barackoli Obama. I insert a wave 1, unopened, mint condition Villager Amiibo.
  6. 20+( |20|^2) - (|-20|^2 ) (that equals 20)
  7. Procrastination. Yoshi's Woolly World?
  8. Banned for being up at 1:00 in the morning.
  9. Ability to punch extremely hard, but only when you aren't making a fist.
  10. Ive added both of your friend codes, now just add mine in and open up your town!
  11. Ya, but the only ones available are luigi and peach. I wish for the Shrunk Shuffle!
  12. I just got into animal crossing and I want to go to some other peoples towns. If anyone wants to play sometime here's my friend code: 1349-6821-7060 If anyone wants to play just add my friend code, put your name and friend code at the bottom, and open up your town!
  13. My Amiibo: Link Luigi Yoshi Donkey Kong META KNIGHT! Amiibo I want: Pac-man Diddy Villager I heard a rumor that DK and yoshi might become rarer soon. Any clarification?
  14. I dunno if you've heard, but Steven Spielberg is making a movie adaptation of that book. I haven't read it, but I figure if he's making a movie of it then it must be pretty good. I heard about that! It really is a good read for anyone who's into video games!
  15. As you guys were playing Super Mario 64, I stole the win and hid it somewhere far far away.
  16. But instead of that it's Twelve PM. I wish for a sequel to Titanic.
  17. Banned for not supporting the creation of self-tying shoes...
  18. Anyone ever read "Ready Player One". I just finished it and it is now my favorite book!
  19. Great! I just sent you an invite
  20. I got CC on steam awhile ago, but I have no one to play with. If anyone wants to play sometime, friend me. My username is Parzival and my icon is Hatty. I am looking to play through the game, unlock characters, level up characters, and collect weapons. So if anyone wants to do that with me, just friend me on steam. (Before you try to friend me on steam, comment who you are on here.)
  21. If anyone has played the steam version of castle crashers, you see the better graphics than the 360. So they can port the steam graphics with a couple of changes and improvements and use the 360's control. (And the console thing that lets you play steam games on the tv is coming out soon, so if there is no xbox one port comes out, there is always the steam version)
  22. Banned for using the correct form of your!