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  1. Sitting reading the Tiger's Curse

  2. Sitting reading the Tiger's Curse

  3. Sitting reading the Tiger's Curse

  4. Sitting reading the Tiger's Curse

  5. Hey does anyone have a good art program that isnt complicated and is free?
  6. haha i know what you mean, I would have to say my favorite thing to fight in tri is the rathin and the rathols at the same time.
  7. It was my birthday and it was yesterday for over here. I don't even remember you... Ive never conversed with you so you would not know me.
  8. Hey everybody!! Anybody mis me or even realize i was gone. Happy Birthday whenever it was!!!
  9. A great sword. I try to pick it up ripping my arms off and i bleed to death. I drop a Klondike bar. (cant spell)
  10. Tron legacy. 1o/1o reason being the bgm was awesome and it was a lot better then i expected.
  11. this is a post for a sentence game. if u have played before then play. if not no more then 3 words. has to make sense!
  12. I eat the light bulb and it dices up my inereds. I drop Buddha.
  13. i hold the mr bucket just to see it has a timer. It changes into a black hole and i get sucked in. I drop ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER!!!
  14. I do it every single time i kill people in bc2 (currently 0ver 23k victims), i actually just do it out of the habit but i lovr when people get mad Yesterday, when TMM posted about your stream i joined and my pc crashed, i will try again Im not a fan of teabagging unless you manage to kill the guys that kills you over 17 times. Or you kill the pro that dominates the match in a game such as black ops. BTW. who has seen tron lately? And im getting an xbox slim and a xbox live account if anyone wants me to friend them?