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  1. Awwww. No one cares about my story writing
  2. Blue is my favourite colour so seeing the intensity of the actual colour I attempt to pick it up, once I pick up the pure colour I go blind from overexposure to pure awesomeness (Kung Fu Panda lol). I then walk onto the highway and get FLATTENED like a pancake. I drop pure NOTHINGNESS.
  3. I was actually planning on making a Castle Crashers sprite sheet. I didn't know where to get any good poses to ref off of though. The only good custom sprites I've made are my Falco Sprites.
  4. I agree with you on that, but I do like the 150x150 the most aswell
  5. Thanks! and thanks for using the Avi Choomog, and thanks for the help Dan
  6. Woah guys, take it easy with the questions. I think one at a time would be more efficient and easier for Dan. I would answer a few questions for him as to what I assume they would be (like, he probably doesn't prefer MX but Flash is an expensive program) but I know that Dan doesn't appreciate it when people talk for him.
  7. i worked on castle crashers for about 3.5 years. Probably until they come out with a intuos5, and an intuos6 and so on. Yeah, but who says they'll make them?
  8. i worked on castle crashers for about 3.5 years. oh wow, and now you're going to be sticking with intuos4?
  9.〈=enThats one hell of a price-tag yeah it's not that low. but, if you consider that it is your only tool you need for the rest of your life it is pretty cheap. Are you planning on using this version for a very long time? Because you only used the intuos3 for about a year, correct?
  10. Nope, 90 by 90. sorry, there's nothing I can do for quite a while then. about a whole week
  11. Is intuos free? Which version of intuos do you prefer? 3 or 4? and intuos is a drawing tablet for the computer, I sincerely doubt it would be free
  12. First I would like to say, I wasn't sure exactly where to put this, I was thinking Off-Topic but this one has "Community Discussions" in it's explanation so move if this is in the wrong place. Plus I can't PM him so I needed to post this in the Forum. Dan I have some questions because I want to stop with the sprite animations and actually do some Drawn animations that are somewhat decent. 1. What Tablet do you use? 2. Which version of Flash do you have? (I use Adobe CS3) 3. What Tool do you use to draw your characters? (I'm assuming Brush Tool, but any specifications?) 4. Where do you get your inspiration to create new characters? (I've been trying but I really suck at making my own Original Characters) Please answer these questions if you can Dan, I'll be waiting for your response.
  13. oh my goodness, I want that hat, and Colors.....I'm gonna go reserve it like right now. I also think Colors is gonna be sweet because you can absorb the color alien's power one helps you dig, and another makes you even faster! I'm not sure about the others though but I hope it will be good.
  14. He believes that I am a virus that came out from his computer and he starts to bash me on the head with his keyboard and I bleed to death. I drop a ration (MGS style bro)