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  1. The next will be Master Chief. Might as well skip to the next one now.
  3. Congratulations to Fel the Ferret for guessing the correct number, 78. I'll get to work on a prize. The OP has been updated, and the number raised to a maximum of 1,000. Good luck!
  4. Or, I compiled analytical data from a dozen or so sources. This same study has been done several times; you can look up the results online.
  5. Pietas

    Playing CC daily

    Please post here: Find people to play CC with here!. Requesting lock.
  6. Do it, then.There are no forums which have lasted longer than 10 years. There are a few BBSes and usenet groups, but that is all. There might be 1 or 2 which have escaped my research, but not "more than a few."
  7. I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 1,000
  8. I would play with you, but I can't give anyone here my gamertag (people spamming me with hate mail isn't cool). And yes, it will happen, no matter who I give it to.
  9. Some people are just too crazy to know right from wrong. Periods of psychosis can cause outbreaks of rage which can lead to murder.In this case, I'm positive they were just loveed up human beings who deserve to be executed.
  10. You need to accept the fact that only one in a hundred million websites last over 10 years. This is a fact. One in 40 million last longer than 5 years. One in 500,000 last longer than 3 years. This number just goes on. The Behemoth's forum has been around since mid 2008. It is now late 2010. By logic, probability, and what is seen here, it won't last longer than August 2011. And no, before you even ask, I'm not trolling.
  11. Their argument is the age at which getting a boyfriend/girlfriend would stop being pointless. I really can't weigh in on this argument without bias, so I'll leave it to the rest of you. Unrelated: Halo: Reach is nearly 10 days away.
  12. Banned for not saying it correctly.
  13. Why discourage them? If they are happy, let them be. You can tell them about the horrible break-ups and such later. For now, their age plays no part.
  14. In PHPBB, topics can sometimes move to the last post. There is a simple fix for this (must be performed by the forum operator).