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  1. Video I made for a high school video class, just thought i'd share it here cuz my good friend Zugama stars in it :3. enjoy? or rage at it? feed back would be appreciated edit; just to clarify, Zugama plays the main guy... that shows up in all 3 adventures. thought it'd be clear enough, but just in case
  2. you're not paid to ask stupid questions mister/miss! why is the ocean so blue?
  3. i tried to get all 9001 of them but the word count was too high.
  4. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ^- times 9 + 9001 :)s
  5. the button launches nukes throughout the world, and the world is ruins. while all of this is happening i happen to get a papercut, and the lethal cut infects and kills me. I drop Purple.(the color)
  6. I pick up your sanity, only to start thinking deeply about saneness, in-saneness, and so forth. I decide to jump off a cliff to escape the matrix. I drop the sky.
  7. solan

    You're banned!

    Banned for being a hypocrite.
  8. I agree that the Greek alphabet is really cool. Also, penis may be a great word, but you can't really use it publicly in front of teachers at school.
  9. Hello people. I just thought randomly that I want to see what everyones favorite word is. My top three are... Nostalgia Authentic Flabbergasted What are yours?
  10. Hello other people. I now also have an account on spiral knights. (as Solan)
  11. um... whats that? I die of confusion. I drop a letter G.
  12. It becomes animated, and goes super man on my @$$. I drop a super soviet missile master app.
  13. as a member of the behemoth forums, do you think that you're special, or different in any way than all of the other members? Ask me about being a jerk.
  14. Someone creates an official site to beat the game in every aspect, but your computer crashes. I wish for world peace.