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  1. Around 7:15 There is a glitch that duplicates the golden hat, not sure if anyone has seen this yet. [REMOVED]
  2. I want to attempt to speed run this game Solo and Co-op, If anyone is interested in possibly joining me doing speed runs on co-op. You could add me and we could try it out. Preferred that you have a mic!! Will be streaming or putting it on Youtube . If you add me, please send a message so I know who you are. GT:Hateside Sorry, If this in the wrong area not sure where to post this.
  3. Is it possible to switch in between the Gold and silver trophy after you beat insane?
  4. I completed thanks, sorry about posting in the wrong area!
  5. Anyone want to help me out? I keep getting people who don't have mics
  6. Anyone want to do co-op for it?
  7. so, all I can get for now is the Donut star head guy?
  8. My Internet was acting up and I was unaware of the Purrham Furbottom. Star head is there any way I can still get him?
  9. I need some one that is on often to play through on insane with me! Preferably with a Mic| GT: Hateside