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  1. Im not telling them to add it. i said "Who Else Thinks It Would Be Cool To Be Able To Add Cut Scenes To Your Playlist" im just saying it would be cool if they would let you do that.
  2. I would hope people had brighter ideas then just remaking the story that was already made.
  3. Yeah I'm just saying i would like more personality. even if it was basic props. The hatty story was simple i saw what was coming from the beginning. i liked the story don't get me wrong. but it would add more life to playlist they feature. instead of sorta hard playlist. But i guess that's my opinion on it.
  4. I've been making levels for awhile now just for fun. I started to make a alien hominid level and then I stop to wonder why we couldn't add more personality to our levels. i get that its a puzzle game but still i think it would be cool if they allowed us to add more story to our playlists. Also the featured playlist would be a lot more enjoyable if we could see others stories. Even if you had to do from a computer for subtitles and voice. I know that I would've enjoyed it. But for now were stuck with soul less levels.
  5. I got it really early actually. Just play some arena. You'll get it in a hour. Give or take
  6. Can we start the spread of the achievement??